10 Reasons Why JD Williams is the Best Actor Ever

JD Williams is one of the greatest actors of all time. But not everyone knows about him or appreciates his talent as much as they should. In honor of his recent birthday. Here are ten reasons why JD Williams is the best actor ever, in no particular order except for number one!

1) He’s not afraid to speak out

Whether he’s railing against Trump, vowing to protect LGBTQ rights. Or simply warning people of their own prejudices, JD Williams has never been afraid to speak his mind. In fact, he took a political stand almost as soon as he became a star:. At 18 years old, Williams was arrested after participating in a protest against homophobia. The arrest put him on Fox News’ radar and just one year later. He was cast in his first gay role:. Zach on As The World Turns. His breakout moment came three years later when he reprised that character for the digital series The L Word. That same year, he was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

2) He doesn’t take himself too seriously

If you’re looking for an actor who takes his job very seriously, you won’t find him in JD Williams. The last time he took a role too seriously. He found himself involved in so many grisly Hollywood scandals that he felt it best to adopt a carefree approach to his acting career moving forward. It isn’t that JD takes his craft lightly; rather, he just likes to take it as lightly as possible while still bringing something valuable to each project.

3) He considers himself a good writer

He understands that being a good actor takes more than just looks. His genuine care for his craft and passion for what he does make him a unique talent in Hollywood today. It’s his understanding of himself. Along with his determination and creativity, That make him such an enjoyable person to watch onscreen. His performances are authentic and heartfelt, which makes each character he creates completely relatable. In fact, when you watch one of his films or TV series it’s almost as if you can feel every emotion he does. And not only does he put real heart into every performance but also displays deep respect for his work and colleagues; as a result of which, he has built strong relationships with many of them over time.

4) He supports others

JD Williams was a huge supporter of his fellow co-stars and would often praise them even when they didn’t deserve it. This kind of selfless behavior inspires others to do better and follow their dreams. It also makes you want to support JD because he deserves it. No matter who you are, it’s hard not to get behind someone like that. We should all learn from JD and be more supportive of each other in life!

5) He loves music

Even while he was working as a tool-and-die maker to pay his bills, JD Williams took an active interest in music. For example, he used his free time to perform with various rock bands around Los Angeles; however, it was only after winning an Oscar that music became his full-time passion. Even today, you can catch him singing at bars and clubs throughout America! If you’re interested in pursuing a career in music or performing arts, take inspiration from JD. He proves that anyone can have a career dream come true if they work hard enough—even if they started from humble beginnings.

6) He loves his family

It takes a man with strong character to love his family and have fun with them at every opportunity. His love for his family shows in everything he does, and he takes joy in supporting them however he can. Take a page from JD’s book and let your own character show through by demonstrating your appreciation for those around you and being present for them when you can be. You’ll be sure to enjoy what life has to offer more if you spend more time appreciating it!

7) You can tell he loves what he does (acting)

Whether he’s on-screen or off, J.D. Williams always seems to be in his element. His infectious smile, effortless charm and enthusiasm for life are all evidence of how much he loves what he does—and it’s more than just a job to him; it’s a passion! No matter where you see him (on camera, on stage or even out and about), there’s no doubt that actor J.D. Williams brings an extra measure of joy to every moment he shares with his fans and fellow actors alike.

8) His passion shows in everything he does

In order to be a great actor, you have to live your role. If you don’t take every scene personally, it will show in your performance. In J.D. Williams’ performances, he makes us believe his characters feel every emotion they’re experiencing and that connection takes his acting to a whole new level of greatness! (He also seems like an all-around amazing person.) As one of Hollywood’s top performers, J.D. has received many prestigious awards over his career so far—but it’s clear that he values them even more when he sees how proud they make fans!

9) He is constantly growing as an artist

Despite his numerous successes in Hollywood, Williams continues to grow as an actor and work hard on developing his craft. He’s been in film since 2000, with lead roles since 2004. As of 2016, he had played close to 20 characters across multiple genres, from gritty dramas to comedies and everything in between. You might think it would be easy for him to phone it in now—but that’s not what artists do. And not only did he grow over time, but he also pursued different roles outside of film and TV, like theater gigs and writing plays. Even if you were a fan before you read any of these facts about JD Williams, we hope they make you appreciate him more—and inspires you never to stop growing yourself!

10) His humility is refreshing

He’s always down to earth, even when he’s shooting major blockbuster films. Even more impressive? He hasn’t changed a bit. When you run into him at Starbucks or Whole Foods, he doesn’t expect that you know who he is—he still puts his wallet away in his pocket after paying for his drinks. You can tell that he loves what he does for a living, and treats others with respect because of it. Plus, there are only so many people out there who are genuinely sweet and humble…and it’s nice to know that JD Williams fits that description!

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