Is Online Learning A Solution To Disruption In Education Due To COVID-19?

Are you frantically typing all across search engines “How to learn to write plagiarism-free essays when all schools are closed during COVID-19 outbreak?” Well, you are not alone in the pit. 

The COVID-19 outbreak that has spread presently across 191 countries in the world is continuing to severely disrupt industries across the board, mainly one of which is education. As schools, colleges, and universities remain fully closed, it is estimated that 90% of the world’s learners, totaling an astronomical 1.6 billion people are hugely affected due to the pandemic.

As a result, education has changed drastically with the considerable rise of e-learning.Therefore, in today’s post, we would walk you through certain crucial aspects that would help you develop a comprehensive idea of how online learning can truly prove to be a remarkable solution to disruption in education in the present times. 

  • Accessibility 

With no geographical boundaries involved, one of the brilliant ways online learning can help students in this grave situation of COVID-19 is accessibility. Certain university and college students had to return to their hometowns for study purposes. ELearning eliminates all the restrictions of a physical classroom, allowing individuals from all over the world to complete their semesters successfully. Plus, there are many diverse courses to choose from, ranging from a beginner’s SEO course to an online medical course where you can earn the relevant ACLS and PALS certificates.

  • Safety 

In the present times of crisis, in-person learning may be unsafe or impossible. With no direct contact, online courses provide a safe and effective alternative to the classroom. You can complete your studies successfully while protecting your family from the coronavirus risks. 

  • Increased Flexibility 

One of the most crucial benefits of online education is the ability to learn anytime you want. As you don’t have to schedule around specific class times or days, you can learn Spanish apart from attending your school lectures on how to write plagiarism-free essays whenever you have free time. Besides, studying from the comfort of your home allows you to relax and take advantage of the flexibility of online learning. 

  • Train At Your Own Pace 

Online learning is a lot similar to having a private tutor. If you are one of those who have felt that a teacher was going too fast for you to take notes or fully understand the subject, now is your time to make the most use of online learning. With eLearning, you spend as much time as you need on course material and go back to review lectures at any time. Since tests are graded automatically and you receive immediate feedback, online learning gives you more time to improve skills and learn the material thoroughly. 

  • Save Time and Money 

With no need to travel to school every day, online learning is more affordable than the in-person alternative. Waste of time is reduced, and the lower-footprint helps drive down the cost of providing education. In addition to it, less driving is beneficial for the environment too. 

Wrapping Up, 

It is clear that this pandemic has utterly disrupted an education system that many claims were already losing its relevance. While some worry that the hasty nature of the transition may disrupt the learning process of students, others consider it to be an effective solution to the disruption of education. 


The Corona pandemic has made a global impact in the education sector. Students across the world are losing their valuable time during the forced lockdown. In such a circumstance, when online learning is here to stay, here we write an article mentioning certain crucial reasons why it can be considered as a remarkable solution to the disruption in education. 

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