How to Treat a Virginia Car Accident Broken Arm, Wrist, or Hand?

Accidents are traumatic. Minor impacts at low speeds can bend metal and shatter bone. A shattered bone can change your life, even if you survived an auto accident. Arm, wrist, and hand injuries make life difficult. 

Many victim experience broken bones following the accident that can require special medical attention. This is why you should seek compensation and get legal advice from your lawyers.

Hand, Arm, and Wrist Injuries in Car Crashes

If you are in a car accident, you could be seriously injured. Crash injuries can affect any portion of the body, although some are more susceptible. These include

When people sense a crash is imminent, they may try to brace themselves by raising their arms or covering their faces, increasing the risk of significant arm injuries.

Your wrist. In a car crash, bracing might break wrist bones. Twisted metal and airbag deployments can also break wrists.

Finger bones are very weak. They are readily broken and crushed. 

Arm, wrist, and hand injuries vary. It can:

  • Break the skin
  • Fracture without fracturing the bone, shifting considerable amounts of bone, or causing a “hairline” break. 
  • Divide into two or more halves.
  • Displaced, requiring surgery.

Car crashes cause certain fractures. Among them:

  • Scaphoid fractures—the wrist’s tiniest bone—
  • Chauffeur’s fractures affect the thumb’s radial styloid.
  • Ulnar styloid fractures between the wrist and hand
  • Your wrist and hand bones recover quickly. Accident victims who can not do ordinary things without help are not comforted by promises of a fast recovery.

Accidental Breaks: What to Do

After a serious accident, it is hard to keep cool and think clearly. If you do not need immediate medical attention following an automobile accident, you can improve your legal chances by:

  • Emergency calls. Accidents that result in injury, property damage, or death must be reported to the police in Virginia. If you need to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company or file a lawsuit, a police record might assist you in showing a fault. 
  • Proof gathering. While waiting for police and emergency responders, photograph the accident location with a mobile phone or camera. Photograph your car’s damage, your injuries, and your surroundings. Ask for the names and numbers of witnesses to the accident.
  • Doctor visits. Breaking a bone requires medical attention. If you think you can heal at home, go to the hospital. A doctor will treat your arm, hand, or wrist fracture and other injuries. Going to the doctor also shows the vehicle insurance company that you had a real health issue and were not just making a claim.
  • Maintaining therapy. Follow your doctor’s suggestions for specialists, surgery, and physical therapy.

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