How to Save Money on Food: A Guide

Did you know that the United States throws out around one pound of food per person every day?

While we all have the best intentions when buying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, we’d all be embarrassed if we admitted how many times we’ve let our food spoil.

If you’re interested in learning how to save money on food and cut back on waste, the good news is that it’s easy. Keep reading to learn 5 simple tips that will make your wallet happy.

1. Pack Your Own Lunches

Ordering takeout is one of the fastest ways you can rack up your food bills. Instead, you should start learning how to save money by preparing your own meals in an eco-friendly lunch box for women.

Not only will this help with putting back money into your savings account, but making your own food can also allow you to maintain a healthier weight and feel less bloated from greasy, salty takeout.

2. Plan Ahead and Stick to Your Grocery List

One of the most important tips in a money-saving guide is to be prepared and stick with your plan. When you make grocery lists, you can budget by clipping coupons and looking for sales. You’ll also be saving time and avoiding temptation if you know where to go and what to grab.

3. Consider Buying in Bulk

Saving cash could be as simple as buying more than what you normally would. It sounds counterintuitive at first, but many products get cheaper when the weight is higher. You can test this yourself by looking at different sizes and comparing the price-by-ounce variations on these products.

Rice is an example of a food that’s really affordable when you buy in bulk. While you’ll have to pay more upfront, this food will stretch a lot further.

4. Skip Name Brands Whenever Possible

If you do a side-by-side comparison of a name brand and generic label of the same product, you’ll notice that the ingredients are similar or the exact same. This is why it pays to look for generic products whenever you’re making a purchase. Sometimes the price differences seem small, but these savings can become huge over time.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of the Freezer Section

Lots of people think it’s impossible to start saving money and maintain a healthy diet. The truth is fruits and vegetables don’t have to cost a fortune.

If you don’t have access to an affordable farmers’ market, try scoping out the freezer section for your fruits and veggies. Frozen produce is often picked and packaged at peak ripeness, so the quality is stellar.

Now You Know How to Save Money on Food

Figuring out how to save money on food can be challenging when our schedules are so packed. If you follow this guide, you can start making simple changes that add up to impressive savings.

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