How to Prevent House Fire

Fire is an essential part of humanity. Ever since men discovered fire and the usage of fire two things have been their constant companion, advancement and accident. We can’t keep fire out of our lives or our houses but we can control its disastrous nature if we follow some precautionary steps.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 374,000 U.S. homes catch fire annually. Damage prices: Almost $8 billion annually. According to Global Reconstruction, 2,600 lives are lost from house fires each year. Another 12,975 people are injured. It’s no simple matter. To prevent house fire we need to find out the most common causes of fire hazards. Then take necessary actions to neutralize those causes. We collected some causes that are the most common factors behind house fires such as, careless cooking, falling asleep while smoking, leaving flammable stuff here and there, old fireplace and furnaces, children playing with fire etc. Most of them are caused by the house residents, ergo it’s entirely possible to prevent it if we just are more careful. So, here are some tips to prevent a house fire –

Don’t Leave the Stove On

Careless cooking is a major problem that can easily lead to a house fire. Cooking takes time no doubt, but that doesn’t mean we can forget about the boiling pot. These days cooking and chatting has become a habit for some people, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram differs from person to person. Sometimes one gets so distracted that fire catches them before burning down the house. Be careful about this. Never leave your stove unattended or stand too close to the stove. Always maintain some distance between you and the cooking fire. Cook your food, not your home. Trust me; you don’t want to be taking a picture of yourself while burning. It won’t look good for your cover photo.

Smoke or Sleep, One Thing at a Time

While smoking itself is injurious to health, doing so and falling asleep is just a steeping blow on the dying. One may fall asleep on the couch, on the bed each of which is susceptible to flame. Remnants of a cigarette or a few ashes can potentially light up the carpet. One may wake up seeing his or her favorite bedroom in flames. Don’t smoke at home. There are designated spots for smoking. Be cautious when smoking.

Tidy Up

Nobody likes a messy house. A home needs to be a place for relaxing. Messy homes don’t provide that. Also, a lot of household stuff is sensitive to flame so leaving them unattended can increase the risk of a house fire. Give your home some off-time. Clean it, decorate it. It’ll give you peace of mind in return.

Fireplace and Furnace

Fireplaces are one of the most if not the most trusted heating sources. But, they need regular attention. Little embers and sparks fly from fireplaces and can create flames in a matter of minutes. Check your fireplaces and chimney regularly. Cover them up when not using them and inspect them annually, preferably at the start of winter. Also, keep the fireplace clean and serviced.

Children, Don’t Play With Fire

Kids are the life of any home. They are very curious about everything and fire is no exception. There is no stopping them. If we just scold them then they do it behind our back. What we have to understand that they don’t know better. We have to teach them better. Any contact between children and fire must be supervised by the parents. We have to ensure that children don’t get access to matches, lighters and other flammable liquids.

If there’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Despite being careful it’s still not 100% guarantee that your home is secured from fire. Sometimes accidents happen and you need to act fast when that happens. In case of fire, install an alarm system in your house. Fire gives out smoke before going out of control so a wireless interconnected smoke detector is very useful in these situations. Include one in your budget.

Fire prevention is much more important than one think. A little misstep can be the cause for a lifetime of misery. In order to protect your home, your loved ones and yourself don’t be nitpicky and do the best you can to fireproof your home.

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