How to polish and clean your diamond ring?

Diamonds are forever but you still need to take proper care of them. There is nothing more satisfying than to watch your diamond ring sparkle. It truly is one of the most mesmerizing sights for ladies. Don’t let the day to day wear and tear take the shine off your diamond ring. Keep your forever sparkler sparkling by cleaning it once in a while. That’s how you can naturally upkeep its pristine glare. While it is always better to go to your local jeweler to get your diamond ring polished, it is nice to know how to clean your jewelry all by yourself when in rush. 

We requested Fergus James staff that specializes in designing custom diamond rings in Dubai, and here’s what they have to share.

Reason to clean your diamond ring at home: 

With regular at-home cleaning, you can ensure that your diamond ring never loses its pristine sparkle. Moreover, with regular cleaning between professional cleaning sessions will help you save money. This way your ring will stay in its best shape forever. 

Everyday wear causes the stone on the ring to build up cosmetic residue, layers of oil as well as debris. This build-up serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Wearing a dirty ring for long not only results in the discoloration of the metal but also causes skin irritation. So, if you want to keep your diamond ring looking its best and germ-free, make sure you clean it to the core once a week. However, keep in mind home cleaning can never substitute the professional upkeep. You can clean the surface build-ups to restore your rings’ original splendor. However, for hard and deep layers of debris and compressed dirt, you need your local jeweler’s help. 

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to clean your diamond ring at home. 

How to clean your diamond ring at home?

The majority of the time, its lotion, perfume, hairspray and makeup that builds on your diamond rings. You can bring its lost sparkle back by cleaning it at home. To do so, you need to add dishwashing soap to warm water and make a solution. Keep your ring soaked in the solution for over 20-40 minutes. Take a brush and gently clean the stone. Once cleaned, rinse it under warm water. Repeat the process if the surface isn’t cleaned to your desire. 

If you don’t like the smell of dishwashing soap, you can resort to a body wash or shampoo. However, make sure the product you are using to clean your diamond ring is not moisturizing. The reason is, moisturizing products leave an oil-like film on the surface of the ring. This layer builds up cosmetic residues and grime in no time. That’s exactly what you are trying to get rid of. Don’t use paper towels to dry your diamond ring. You might end up scratching the metal surface. Use a soft cotton cloth instead or let your ring air dry. 

How often should you clean your diamond ring?

If you want your diamond ring to look its best, we advise you to clean it at least once a week. This way you can keep debris and oil from building upon its surface. Get your ring professionally cleaned at your jeweler at least twice a year. For women who are extra active outdoors or spend most of their day in the kitchen, it’s very likely to expose their rings to higher levels of debris and oils. Don’t experiment if you think your ring is hard to clean at home. Take it to your local jeweler and let him restore the brilliance of your ring safely and professionally. He will use professional-grade cleaning products, specially formulated for cleaning jewelry to offer you the best results. If you cannot make time for frequent cleanings, you can take your ring off while you are in the kitchen or doing something that damages or dirties your ring. 


The more you take care of your diamond ring, the longer it will keep its pristine brilliance. Even though at-home cleaning cannot replace professional polishing, it keeps your ring in a good shape between professional cleanings. However, make sure you are using the right products as the smallest mistake can ruin the surface of the metal setting.

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