How To Make Students Pay Attention In The Class

Every student, no matter how smart or studious he is, struggles with a concentration in every class, every day. While there is no permanent solution to this, teachers can try to minimize this in various ways. 

A teacher has to be better at handling a class to hold on to students’ attention. Making a classroom interactive and engaging should be a priority of the teacher along with providing the best learning experience irrespective of whether you teach online or in a traditional classroom. 

Tips To Hold Students’ Attention In A Classroom

  • Set Rules For Yourself And The Students

Setting class rules that apply to both you and your students aids in maintaining the class’s decorum. When you follow rules, your students will be inspired and bound to follow the rules set for them. This will give students a sense of how they should act in class and provide them with guidance.

  • Motivational Quotes For Students 

The blank walls of a classroom can be utilized to motivate the students. You can paint or paste motivational quotes for students on them. If you teach online, utilize your background for the same. This will help in motivating the students to pay attention to the class and act as a reminder every time they get distracted. 

You can also start the class by quoting down some good motivational quotes to boost up the students.

  • Leverage Multimedia

Graphics, audio, videos, gamification, etc., can be used to make lessons more interesting. This also helps them learn more effectively. You can also give them assignments that require the use of technology instead of writing everything down on paper. 

As a teacher, your focus should be to make learning better and not boring.

  • Give Them Small Breaks

Breaks are important. No one can keep focusing on something without breaks. Breaks help students freshen up their minds and focus better. It also helps you with the same.

Take mini-breaks in between lessons. To hold on to the interest of the students, you can create suspense or give them a question to ponder before taking a break.

  • Use Humour

The use of humour attracts a lot of attention. It makes the classroom fun and attracts students’ attention. However, keep an eye out for their facial expressions and reaction. If you find that the students are not liking it, stop right away. Your humour should be good, it should not harm anyone in any way. Change the subject if you feel they are becoming uncomfortable.

Use humour with the chapter being taught. This will assist you in keeping your students’ attention and making your class more entertaining.

  • Promote Class Participation

When you allow your students to participate in the class, they become more active. In fact, they become compelled to concentrate. Ask questions in between lessons, assign them topics to prepare and teach, etc. The more the class participates, the more better the learning experience becomes.

Final Thoughts 

Teachers should come up with ways to make students pay attention in the classroom without looking like they are being forced.

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