How To Hack Exam Question Papers

Too many students are now in universities and are from high schools but the students are facing problems like they don’t get good grades because of the Covid-19.

Now too many students want to hack exam paper to get good grades that’s why they want to hire a professional hacker

If you want to hack the exam papers then you are in the right place. Here in this article we will tell you how to hack exam papers. If you find any technical problem then you have to hire professional hackers.

Step one: Some basics to understand:

First you have to understand some basic points related to how computers communicate. It might be possible that you already know about how the TCP/IP works then you can skip this section. The reason behind this, the information is for those who don’t know about this.

So, the main thing is that every computer contains the IP address like or that is the IP of your computer. Other than this every computer also contains the mailing address to receive the postage.

So the main thing is that every computer sends the information with the help of a switch or the router and it passes the information to the internet.

After this the router can broadcast their address on the network to every computer. It says hello everyone I’m and your gateway you can send your all requests with the help of me and I will serve you.

If someone lied about the IP Address then in this situation the hackers start their work.

The Hacker’s computer asks the router : Hey I am

Router : ok thank you I will send the all data

Hackers computer asks to the victim: hello user you router is here

User’s computer: Ok thank you I will send all my requests with the help of you.

After doing this the hacker can place itself in a best position. Which means he has the control of both the victim and the router.

Now if the user wants to visit any website then all the data of the user will be sent to the router but with the help of hackers computer.

The main advantage of this work is the hacker can easily read everything about the user like what he is doing online.

Step Two: Start working on it:

Before start working in it we will advise you to don’t do this on the school computer. If you are doing this on school computer then always be careful.

First you have to make sure to install the Abel and Cain application. Basically both these are the hack tools for the Windows.

After installing both these applications you have to start the Cain and start your process.

But we always recommend you to hire a professional hacker to hack the exam paper.

If you are in the search of hackers then don’t worry we have professional hackers who are expert in doing this. You can contact them with the help of the details given below.

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