How to Get More Instagram Likes

You’ve taken the best pic. You’ve spent ages thinking about the caption to put under it. When you finally decide to post on Instagram, it’s easy to feel silly for nervously looking at the phone in the minutes afterward, but it is understandable. 

A lot of time and effort can go into your final showing, which is why it can be demoralizing if your content constantly can’t seem to get more Instagram likes.

However, with 1.16 billion users worldwide, it is possible to start getting more double-taps if you put time and effort into producing quality content. Your main problem may be that you are simply not using the application in the best way.

Keep on reading to find out what you can do to get more Instagram likes for your next post.

Post at the Right Time

There is a time for everything, and that even applies to social media. 

If you really want to get more Instagram likes, scheduling your posts for optimum engagement is something that should be the first thing to cross your mind, even before the idea to buy Instagram likes

Simply put, the more people online to see your posts, the better. But how can you gauge this? 

First, if you haven’t set your page to a professional or business account do it now! Then you will have actionable insights into data showing when your community is active. This is not to live by but it at least can guide your posting schedule. 

Alternative research has also shown that posting between 11am -2pm is a general sweet spot as well as avoiding Sundays. 

Let People Know You Have Posted

As already highlighted, the algorithm is an untameable beast when it comes to what you see when you open the application. It has been some years since you saw posts in chronological order when opening the app.

For that reason, be aware that those in your community that would have been likely to double tap may not see your posts, meaning missing out on those easy likes.

To get around this, tip the scales in your favor by uploading your posts into your stories. You may feel like this is a little overkill but people are used to it now, and the benefits far outweigh any potential cons. 

You can also redirect people to your posts by letting people on your other social networks know that you have a new post on Instagram. Remember, while it is great to gain likes from new eyes, if everyone who follows you gives you a like, that’s half the battle won!

Tag Properly

Using tags in the right way is a great tool to use to get more Instagram likes because it is an active tactic. We’ve all experienced it, our phone goes off with a notification that we have been tagged and what do you do? Pick up your phone and have a look at the post, which could lead to a like.

So how can you use them to encourage likes? 

One fail-safe approach is getting people to tag a friend. If you are going down the influencer route make sure your posts are emotive or funny and then use proactive comments like “tag someone you think needs to see this” or “tag a friend who needs a laugh”.

This call to action not only brings new eyes to your page but also people who are already likely to be interested in your content which could mean more Instagram followers.

Businesses can do the same and see their customer base grow in a matter of days, so give it a try!

Use Our Picks to Get More Instagram Likes Today!

It’s a harsh world out there if you are aiming to make it big on Instagram but not impossible! We know that by consistent use of our tricks you are sure to get more Instagram likes now and long into the future.

We hope you enjoyed learning some of the tricks of the trade. Be sure to check out or other great digital marketing content on our website!

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