How To Get Gifts With A Fast, Secure And Low-Cost Money Transfer Service?

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah recently collaborated to present a significant offer. The offer will help Overseas Pakistanis with remittances services while paving the way for progress in Pakistan. According to the latest stats by the government of Pakistan, online money transfer to Pakistan currently is on the rise, which will aid and play a vital role in Pakistan’s economic development.

However, Pakistanis living in the UK, Europe, and Australia, experience hardships and obstacles while remitting funds to Pakistan. This is further complicated with low exchange rates and high transaction charges that burden the remitter. 

To mitigate this and aid the sizable Pakistani diaspora living abroad, ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah have streamlined their services to help Pakistan excel economically while providing local and Overseas Pakistanis with the chance to win outstanding prizes. 

Sending money to Pakistan with low transaction and high exchange rates will enable Pakistanis to send more for their loved ones and help raise the economy. ACE & Bank Alfalah understand its clients and users’ problems and strive to provide the best possible service to uncomplicate processing while making lives easier. 

With the ACE & Alfalah offer, Pakistanis using the service will receive exclusive gifts and rewards. Users must send a transaction via ACE, and the receiver must accept the remittance through Bank Alfalah in Pakistan to qualify for the ACE & Alfalah offer.

Additionally, the offer will allow users to enter into weekly draws that will determine the winners, which will be held at the ACE Headquarters in the UK:

  1. Three winners will receive 20 tolas or 234 grams of gold
  2. Six winners will receive five tolas or 58.5 grams of gold bars/ biscuits
  3. 12 winners get the incredible iPhone 12 PRO – 128 GB

How To Be A Lucky Winner?

Accordingly, there will be three lucky winners who can win 234 grams or 20 tolas of gold. Another set of six lucky winners will receive gold biscuits worth five tolas or 58.5 grams of gold. And, 12 lucky winners will qualify to win the highly-desirable iPhone 12 PRO- 128 GB. 

Please note that only those users satisfying the ACE & Alfalah offer’s eligibility requirements can participate in the draw to win exclusive rewards. 

Are Repeated Transactions Significantly Improving Chances of Winning?

Each transaction accounts for a single entry in the draw for the ACE & Alfalah offer, so repeated transactions will improve chances of winning drastically. All transactions between March 24 to June 30, 2021, will qualify for the offer. 

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah have joined hands to promote the flow of international remittances to Pakistan, thereby progressively impacting the country’s economic development. 

Make transactions with ACE & Alfalah offer to qualify to win prizes and, at the same time, play a substantial role in the development of Pakistan.  

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