How To Choose the Best Online English Learning Platform for Small Kids

English has become a must-have skill in today’s world. Kids who learn English early have greater chances of success and better opportunities for their future. 

However, we all know that learning a language is not easy and takes time. That is why choosing an online English course platform that can provide your child with the best online language instructor experience is important.

The first step is to look into what kinds of courses you want your child to take. Do you want them to learn grammar, vocabulary, or both? Do they need help with pronunciation? Will they be taking these classes on their own or in a classroom setting? You will also want to consider whether or not they will be able to meet with an instructor regularly or if they will be learning independently. 

You can select any platform based on its features, pros and cons, reviews, price range etc., But it is important that you select one which suits your child’s needs and requirements. Find below the checklist:

Check learning English is fun or not

Learning to speak English is a lifelong process. It starts when you are born and continues throughout your life. Your child will develop the skill of speaking in English as he grows older, but this does not mean that he cannot start now! Learning any language requires practice, so parents must provide their children with opportunities to practice their oral skills.

Online learning platforms are an excellent way for children to experience conversing with native speakers worldwide while having fun doing so. In addition, these platforms allow kids to interact with teachers who focus on helping them learn how to speak English and improve their pronunciation through lessons that target specific skills like grammar or vocabulary. 

Check activities covered in a particular course 

You can also check the various activities covered in a particular course and find out if the course is based on real-life situations that your kids can relate to. 

For example, check whether the course encourages kids to practice speaking in English by making them read aloud or participate in classroom discussions. This will help them learn English much better because they will be more comfortable speaking this language than reading it from a book.

Check interactivity of the class 

When you sign up for an online course with your child, you want the class to be interactive and engaging. Otherwise, what is the point? A course that does not encourage texts and pictures from your kid is not a viable choice. 

You can check if a course has been designed to encourage interaction by checking out whether there are quizzes or assignments where students can share their work; this will tell you if they have been taught how to use digital tools like photos or videos.

Check screen time of your kids

Most online English learning platforms will offer many fun activities for kids, but it should be ensured that the child spends at least an hour a day outside playing. 

Kids should spend at least an hour each day reading books, magazines, and newspapers. Likewise, they should have at least one hour daily done creative activities like drawing, painting, etc.; this can be done by themselves or with family members or friends.

A good amount of physical activity is also essential for children as it helps build their body muscles and improves their concentration and focus level during their studies, which are important when learning a new language like English.

Take reviews from other parents

When choosing the best online English learning platform for your child, you must do thorough research. Ask other parents and teachers about their experience on these platforms so that you can make an informed decision.

The reviews should be as honest as possible to help you make an informed decision. You will want to avoid any fake reviews or biased opinions because this could lead to a wrong decision being made, which would cost your child’s education eventually. 

So, make sure that all the information available on these websites is based on facts, not opinions or hearsay, because they might not always be true even though they sound convincing enough at first glance!

Check how effective the course is 

If you are looking for an online learning platform to teach your child the English language, you must take some time to research what types of programs are available and how well they work. 


We have discussed the various aspects you must consider before enrolling your child in an online course. It is important to pick a program that not only focuses on language learning but also helps improve communication skills and pronunciation, enhancing the overall quality of their lives. Read wpc16 com login

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