How To Choose Single Bed For Student Room?

Student life is one of the most enjoyable phases of life. If you or your son/daughter is having a tertiary education, you need a proper bed for the student room. A sound mind resides in a sound body and a sound body cannot be possible without a sound sleep. A restless sleep can adversely affect your physical as well as mental health which may result in lack of focus during study. Here are a few things to consider while buying a bed from a bedroom furniture store for the student room.

  • Student rooms or dorms are always smaller as compared to the regular rooms. In order to buy bed online choose smaller beds to save space. Bunk beds and sleeper couches should be preferred as they can save a lot of space.
  • Choose the mattress that matches with your comfort level as well as the size of bed. The mattress is the key for having a relaxing sleep or restless sleep.
  • Don’t compromise on bed sheets, quality beddings usually last longer and are more comfortable. Buy a bedding made up of breathable material, so that it absorbs the sweat from the skin while you are asleep.

In addition to that, student rooms are meant for study. Modify your student room in such a way so that you can study well and have an optimum sleep which will keep you healthy and mentally active. So, to maximize your focus in study following décor ideas and tips will be helpful for you.


Go for dark curtains or block-out curtains. Students prefer to study at night and rest during day. Though it is not a good practice as it disturbs your brains’ clock, yet students follow this practice. Therefore, it is always preferable to have block-out curtains and bright lights, so that you can study or sleep whenever you want. Block-out curtains do not let the light enter the room so you cannot tell whether it is day or night outside.

Fan or Air conditioner

If you live in an area where summers are quite warm, you will need an air conditioner or a fan. It is better to get accustomed to fan so that when you have to use it you don’t feel disturbed. Sleep experts recommend to sleep in a cool environment because our body gets relaxed in cool temperatures which result in better sleep.

Keep your phone away

Never keep your phone in your hand’s approach while sleeping. The charging socket should not be placed near your bed. This is very helpful in avoiding late night usage of phone which can cause distress in sleep. Also, when phone is near, whenever you wake up or a notification comes up, you will reach the phone instantly to read the notification. It is better to keep your phone across the room while sleeping so you will be less likely to mindlessly scroll down the feed. It is better to turn off or put your phone to silent mode while sleeping.

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