How To Build Lean Muscles If You Are Vegetarian : Things To Know

Lean physique and muscle build up has a lot to do with your daily diet and workout routine. If you are a non vegetarian – things are a little easier for you in terms of your diet. A non vegetarian diet has a lot of protein in chicken, eggs etc. However if you are vegetarian you need to sort out your daily diet plan and routine. 

Here are some points that will help you build a lean physique if you are a vegetarian : 

  • Start With A Protein Loaded Breakfast

Eat berries, soybeans, soy milk and avoid fat rich food items –  mostly dairy items, like butter, paneer, full cream milk etc. You have an alternative for everything.Include tofu instead of cottage cheese, use soy milk instead of regular milk and focus on eating protein rich foods.

  • Eat Dried Seeds & Nuts 

Keep a bowl of dried seeds and nuts handy. Whenever you feel hungry, take out some and don’t let your cravings force you to eat something from outside. Nuts provide a constant source of energy and nourishment to the body.

  • Include Protein Supplements

You can even include the best protein powder in your fitness routine. If you are  vegan , look out for authentic and certified best vegan protein powder in the market from a good online supplement store. Protein supplements help in good muscle buildup, recovery and gains and help you achieve your lean bodybuilding goals faster.

  • Consume Lentils, Legumes & Pulses

One of the best and widely consumed foods in India is Daal. Pulses are highly nutritious and are rich in protein. A bowl full of arhar dal is equivalent to 8gms of protein. Include lentils, legumes and pulses in your daily vegetarian diet as it makes for a good amount of protein content for the body. 

  • Eat Quinoa, Soy Milk Etc

You can include Quinoa, Dalia, Soy Milk in your daily diet for better nutrition and good nourishment for the body. Take some broccolis, sweet corn, spinach or any other green vegetable you have and saute it for a while, now mix it with a bowl of quinoa and your good wholesome lunch is all smoky and ready to eat.

  • Talk To A Nutritionist For Proper Diet Plan

A plant based diet is naturally less on protein and therefore only a certified nutritionist can help you with a good diet plan that can help you keep up with your daily protein intake. Follow the diet plan religiously and ask for a little fun with your plan. For Example – A Sweet Treat To Be Allowed On Monday, No Salt On Tuesday etc.

  • Train Insanely Hard

Workout is the answer to a lot of your questions related to lean muscle building. Train insanely hard, hydrate yourself and stay committed to your goals and you get success. 

Well, We bet if you continue following the above listed points there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your lean body goals of the year. Slay your summer body look and build your dream physique with just a few changes in your daily fitness routine and diet plan.

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