How Do You Prepare and Celebrate Advent?

Advent is an important period in the Christian ceremonial calendar, often observed in the weeks before Christmas. It is a period of preparation, anticipation, and reflection of the birth of Jesus Christ. Read and learn the best way to prepare for and observe Advent.

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Advent Preparation Tips

Below are some ideas on how to prepare and celebrate the next Advent.

1. Understand the celebration

Advent is a season of four Sundays, starting on the 4th Sunday before Christmas Day. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word “adventure,” signifying “coming” or “arrival.”

It represents the remainder of the anticipation and preparation for the approaching of Christ, the two, his birth to the world, and his second coming.

2. Advent wreath

Many Christians utilize an Advent wreath as a focal symbol of this season. The wreath always comprises four candles (3 purple or blue and a pink) organized in a circle with a white candle in the middle.

Each candle symbolizes a different theme or part of Advent: love, joy, hope, and peace. Light a candle on the four Sundays, paving the way to Christmas, and the middle white candle on Christmas Day.

3. Scriptural readings

Advent is a period for everyday scriptural readings and reflection. Many houses of worship give advent devotionals. Popular passages are stories about the birth of Jesus and prophecies about the coming of the Messiah.

4. Reflection and prayer

Utilize this time for individual reflection and supplication to prepare your heart for the festival of Christ’s birth. Ponder the themes of love, hope, peace, and joy and how they connect with your life.

5. Thoughtful gestures

Advent is likewise an opportunity to participate in acts of kindness and good cause. Consider giving to a foundation, volunteering, or helping those deprived as a method for practicing love and giving.

6. Fasting and abstinence

A few Christians engage in fasting or abstinence during Advent as a spiritual discipline. This can be a good way to focus on the spiritual parts of the season and decrease distractions.

7. Nativity scene

Create a Nativity scene or crèche in your home to outwardly symbolize Jesus’s birth. Gradually include figurines throughout Advent, then place the baby Jesus on Christmas Day.

8. Going to church services

Go to advent-themed church gatherings, which always incorporate unique hymns, readings, and sermons targeted toward the Advent season.

9. Advent calendar

Utilize an advent calendar to count the days until Christmas. Some of these calendars have daily scripture verses or little treats to open daily.

10. Family customs

Develop significant family customs during Advent, for example, lighting the advent candles together, reading a particular advent book, or creating some advent crafts.

11. Silent evening

Commit to a few moments of quietness and tranquility during Advent to ponder on the significance of the birth of Christ.

12. Christmas Eve 

Proceed with the festival on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day by going to church services, offering a festive dinner to friends and family, and exchanging presents.


In summary, Advent is a season of spiritual preparation and reflection. The Advent wreath, Scriptural readings, prayers, acts of kindness, and the anticipation of the birth of Christ often mark it. This is a season to increase your faith and get closer to the true meaning of Christmas! Reflect on love, hope, joy, and peace. Finally, visit to learn more about celebrating advent.

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