How can I be a better caregiver for the elderly?

Are you thinking of becoming a caregiver for the elderly? Well, this is quite a positive thought. But with this thought comes a bundle of responsibilities and duties which you would be expected to fulfill. Being a caregiver is a sensitive job because you are dealing with someone’s life so closely that they depend on you for almost everything. They expect you to listen and talk to them, give them a dry cleaning (if the elderly is bedridden), feed them with proper food, and whatnot!

A caregiver becomes their family. And, the family needs to provide true and effective home care services to the elder. Read on to get tips on how to be a better caregiver for the elderly.

Tips to be a better caregiver

1. Maintain Your Mental & Physical Health: 

If you want to perform your duties as a caregiver, you need to be physically and mentally healthy. Maintaining your wellbeing is essential to provide the best quality care to your elder. Try to take out time for breaks to healthily maintain your peace of mind. You can only provide good nursing care services to the elderly if your health is stable.

2. Keep the Communication Active: 

Initiating a healthy conversation is the first step to keeping the elderly happy and engaged. Maintain healthy relationships with the person you look after as it will help the person share their feelings with you and they will recover faster. Be a good listener to them and encourage them to share how they feel about their health with you. Try to implement the changes, if they suggest any.

3. Follow a Workout Routine: 

No matter how busy you are throughout the day, try and take out time to do some exercises. Follow a proper exercise routine as it will help you relieve the stress. Go for a long walk, spend time with nature, and breathe in some fresh air. Providing good health care services at home is important but what is also important is the caregiver’s health. Spend some time for your good health because working 24/7 won’t make you a good caregiver but providing good care will.

4. Maintain Hygiene When Caring for Elderly: 

There might be chances when the elderly person you are taking for cannot move properly, or is ill and cannot perform their basic activities like bathing, eating, getting dressed, etc. then you would be expected to help them. In such a case, you can help them by getting a shower chair, washing their hair in a sink, getting comfortable and loose-fitting clothes for them. Maintaining proper hygiene would help them feel positive about themselves which would improve their health gradually.

5. Maintain a Care Schedule for Elderly: 

Be thoughtful of the fact that taking care of the elderly is the sole motive of your job. Remember to maintain and modify the care plan as per the elder’s needs. Alter the plan as the weather changes, or as the elder’s health changes. Help them maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Encourage them to eat healthily and wake-up and sleep at the same time each day. Engage them in enjoyable activities to help them divert their mind from their health problems.

Learning is a part of growing. Learn as you take care of your elders. Follow these tips to being a good caregiver and get better at your job. 

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