Home Bargains Store in Scotland Opens Its Doors to the Public

Home Bargains, one of the UK’s most popular and trusted high street retailers. Has officially opened its doors to the public in Scotland, bringing great deals to bargain hunters across the nation. The new store in Glasgow comes with free parking. Meaning you can pick up your favourite items at low prices with no hassle or delay. Home Bargains first opened its doors in Burton-on-Trent in 1991,. And now has over 350 stores throughout the UK and Ireland. Covering an area of approximately 9 million square feet – that’s roughly three times bigger than Blackpool Tower!

The Exterior of the Store

A Home Bargains store is a huge building, usually built on an existing out-of-town retail park. The building is typically over two stories high, with parking underneath. The Home Bargains brand has a large variety of house and garden products on sale. And many of these can be found outside in their very own garden center. They keep their prices competitively low by sourcing their products from all over Europe. Cutting out middlemen, and then selling them directly to customers at very affordable prices. Their stores are located mainly around Scotland at present. But Home Bargains plans to expand further north into England as well as south into Wales within three years time.

The Garden Centre

The Home Bargains store has been built at Hill of Beath. Beside M90 junction 3A, and is opened by an official from Tesco’s headquarters in Cheshunt. The property will feature a garden centre which will offer products for all members of a family including kids. Pets and home. The outlet will employ nearly 50 people. And over 100 contractors were working on construction to make sure it opens on time. More than 300 vehicles pass through that spot. Every hour on average and 200 jobs are going to be created during next few years. M90 is one of Britain’s busiest roads with two lanes running each way plus hard shoulder running both sides too.

The Shops Inside the Business

According to The Scotsman, Home Bargains will be anchored by a garden centre offering local plants and products. This idea sounds like a big departure from what many shoppers are used to at other Home Bargains stores. Which typically feature products with rock-bottom prices and no frills shopping. It’s worth noting that deals on plants won’t last as long as deals on cleaning supplies or clothes though; when you stock up on plants, they don’t expire like toilet paper! But it’s an interesting twist nonetheless!


The new store has been built on a site of some 21,000 sq ft. The store will cater for people living within a 10-mile radius who want good value for money every day. Every week and all year round. The goods stocked are not as cheap as at Poundland, but not as expensive as Marks & Spencer or Next. In other words, it is thought that customers should come out of Home Bargains happy with their purchases. Moreover, goods are from well-known brands.

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