Himalayan salt candle holders and What they are

Home is a place which has a strong impact on our mental health and wellbeing. The design, the color and the way it is being decorated can do a lot for our emotions and behavior. 

As we spend most of our time at home, decorating it with non toxic organic, chemical free accessories is a great idea to feel comfortable and calm. Thankfully, today we can find a wide range of the natural home décor products to bring an exquisite and alluring design to our homes.

In this article we will talk about the Himalayan salt candle light holder, one of the most popular organic and nature friendly decorating products which is beautiful, unique and affording. It creates an aesthetic look and brings a positive impact on our mental health.

Himalayan salt candle holder:

Himalayan salt is the purest and the healthiest salt which is mined from the khewra salt mines, located near the foothills of Himalayas in Pakistan.

The pink rock salt is admired for its healing and therapeutic benefits. It is not only used as an edible salt but a number of home décor products are also made with it which are widely used by the people all around the world.

The Himalayan salt candle holders are the beautifully shaped small chunks of original pink rock salt with a candle inserted in the centre. These candle holders are used as decorative lights for home, office, spa or any other space.

The Himalayan salt candle holder also known as salt lamp holder can be taken as a small lamp with a unique and distinct look.  It emits a soothing amber glow and a pleasing aroma.

As the salt lamp holders are made with Himalayan salt, they are believed to provide numerous health benefits.

Now let’s explore some of the benefits.

Himalayan salt candle holder benefits:

The salt candle holders not only add beauty to your place but these small size accessories also bring a bundle of health advantages of pure Himalayan rock salt with them. 

Just read the article to know more about them.

1. Purify air

The salt candle holders provide a healthy atmosphere by removing the bacteria and dust particles present in the air. The Himalayan rock salt is hygroscopic in nature, thus the salt candle holders remove humidity and moisture from the surrounding air.

 When the candle holder is lit, the heated salt produces negative ions which attract the positive ions emitted by the electronic devices like computers; cell phones, television etc. thus make you feel active and fresh.

2. Relieve breathing disorders

People having allergies, sinus issues, nasal congestion or some other respiratory problem have found the Himalayan salt therapy beneficial for them. The Himalayan salt candle holders have the tremendous feature of eliminating the allergens, dust particles and pathogens that exist in the air. This attribute of providing a dust free uncontaminated atmosphere is backed by the practice of ancient people using halo therapy for the treatment of chronic respiratory disorders.

3. Boost mood 

It has been supported by various researches that the people with the symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression felt improvement in their mood when they were exposed to the higher levels of negative ions.

The salt rock candle holder has a trait of releasing negative ions and so we can create a stress free and calming indoor environment by keeping them in our house.

4. Improve sleep

The stress reducing quality and a soothing warm glow of the Himalayan salt candle light holder provides a peaceful environment for those having sleep disorders.

Some decorating ideas

The beautiful Himalayan salt candle holders are usually available in the form of two or three sets of candle holders. They have different sizes and pretty shapes like rose, diamond, tree and others. A votive candle or a tea light candle can be used to be inserted in the candle holder.

To create a charming look and to get the maximum benefits from the salt candle holders, you can keep the salt candle holders at the following places

❖ In your bedroom

Keep them in the bed room to have a good and calm night sleep.

❖ In the Lounge

Get the maximum benefits by placing them in your lounge where you spend maximum time

❖ In the kid’s room

Prevent your kids from allergies, colds and congestions by decorating their room with these pretty accessories.

❖ On the coffee table

Enjoy your coffee near the soothing glow of the candle holder.

❖ In the spa room

Create an exquisite look and have an amazing spa experience by placing these small beauties in the spa room.

❖ In the sufferer’s room

Anyone having difficulty in breathing can feel the soothing effect of the candle holders placed in his/her bed room.

❖ Near the workstation

If you feel tired or lethargic by spending hours in front of computers, these Himalayan salt candle holders can create a neutral and fresh atmosphere for you.

How to clean and use the candle holder

It is advised to follow the given measures to clean the Himalayan salt candle holders 

∙       Do not wash the candle holders with water.  Just use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt first and then dry it with a towel.

The salt candle holder is made of salt so if you wash it with running water, the salt may get dissolved in the water.

∙       Try to keep the candle holder on for as long as possible to prevent it from leaking due to the absorption of the moisture.

∙       Don’t place the candle holders at the places with a lot of humidity and moisture

∙       Keep the candle holder at a waterproof surface so that the candle holder may not damage it.

∙       The salt lamp candle holder may turn white after some time, don’t worry, this is normal. Keep on cleaning it regularly and it will be as good as before.

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