HGVT Excels And Helps Provide 150 More Ambulance Drivers Since The Start Of Lockdown

HGVs and their drivers support virtually every other sector that depends on goods or material supplies to continue working. And now it has changed the world as we know. In either case, when the world settles in for a long run, the transport sector is under more tension than ever. With Health Secretary Matt Hancock saying that even in case of a protracted lockdown he is not going to run out of confidence in food supplies, the burden on HGV companies to continue supplying was never higher.

HGVT has been willing to come here to support so many people who wish to go into the ambulance and health service as one of the biggest LGV/HGV training centre in Birmingham. They played such a major role in this pandemic that, instead of social distancing laws, shutdowns, and other problems, 150 newly educated ambulance drivers were trained. The organization has been able to adapt to its climate and to keep an eye on the prize to support the country in times of need.

In 2020, Coronavirus stormed the world and the need for ambulance drivers in the UK rose unbelievably. This suggests that the military wanted a lot of people to get through the system easily and to take the highways to serve the public. For that many reasons HGV was increased, but this one had been huge for people’s safety in the UK. For everyone other ambulance and healthcare professionals, the DVLA stopped all CAT C1 license preparation for all in June 2020. For all others, it meant that they had to keep arrangements shortly to achieve their HGV CAT C1 license, while the well-required facilities could be theirs.

“Our staff also worked hard from home to ensure that the frontline personnel needed training for ambulance drivers were provided. We have been able to prepare the principle and offer practical instruction following all standards and are proud to state that since lock-down we have supported about 150 training programs.”

With driver training centers across Birmingham and west midlands, HGVT was able to achieve such results. With a wide variety of different driver licences they train for HGVT has a well-known name in this industry and is hugely respected. They have also partnered up with a major recruitment company called Manpower that helps individuals find work when they become qualified and also expand them in other areas like CV building and helping them find ambulance driver jobs etc.

Ever since June 2020, it was because of the advent of remote systems and what HGVT was able to provide people and so they were able to undergo the practical testing and assessments that were needed to qualify by complying to all government guidelines and sop by maintaining required social distancing, having PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all trainers and keeping the centre clean at all times.

Because of this vast network of virtual classroom training, HGVT has become a key component of the influx of different type of drivers that are now on the roads of the UK helping out the nation. When restrictions are lifted within the United Kingdom, HGVT plan on opening up all of their services and nurture a brand-new range of highly qualified drivers across the UK and have already made plans on how they will ensure that their services and facilities are COVID safe for anyone that wishes to use them, their dedication to the care of other people is astounding.

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