The History of H Samuel, the Jeweller Shop

Established in 1837, H Samuel is one of the leading jewellers in the UK today. Originally established as Hillel and Samuel by the Hillel family. The jeweller shop has expanded with over 200 stores throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. This article takes a look at how H. Samuel has grown over the years and how they’ve maintained such a loyal customer base all this time.

About H Samuel

If you’re looking for a little bit of luxury when it comes to buying jewellery and gifts, H Samuel is your first port of call. With everything from gemstones to pieces crafted in silver, H. Samuel offers its customers a wide range that should suit any taste or budget. Established in 1901 by Herbert Phillips and Nathan Samuel in Newcastle upon Tyne. H Samuel prides itself on being one of Britain’s leading retailers. The company now operates under Signet Jewellers Ltd., with stores all over Great Britain—in fact. It was also one of Britain’s first chains!

Foundation of H Samuel as a Business

The founder of H Samuel was Sir Henry Cohen (1). He opened a shop in Brighton. In 1885 he was one of 12 jewellers. Who joined forces to stop window price cutting in Brighton’s Pavilion Parade (2). In 1900 he moved his business to London where it became known as H Samuels and Son Ltd.

London’s First Jewellery Retailer

H Samuel was founded in 1881 by Hermann and Ludwig Samuel. It is reputed to be London’s first jewellery retail store. The company began with a single shop on Marylebone Road before expanding into Bond Street in 1913. Over the years it acquired other brand names such as Watches of Switzerland. Ben Basson and Leslie Davis, becoming a major department store chain, and branch locations were established throughout England and Scotland. In 1972, H Samuel was acquired by Allied Stores. Who merged its operations with D H Evans to form D H Evans & Co Ltd.

World War II and beyond

In 1966, H Samuel launched its first catalog to sell engagement rings and other fine jewelry. The original catalog was a mailing to customers with high-end tastes (mostly from the U.K.). The growth of gift catalogs coincided with a rise in high-income earners in Britain. And most were mailed out to customers who were capable of spending significant sums on high-end jewelry. Since then, H Samuel has been designing fine jewelry. That not only sparkles but also shines by reflecting its local communities through meaningful designs. Inspired by both British and Jewish history and culture.

Becoming an Iconic Brand

The company was founded in London, England by Polish Jewish immigrant Hermann Roginsky in 1891. In its early days it was called Hermann Rosinsky. And his brother-in-law Nathan Saalschutz changed it to H&S and eventually just H. Samuel. The firm was already well known in Britain as a retailer of musical instruments. When Jacob Katzman joined it in 1902. During World War I there were problems importing German silver into Britain so they started importing gold instead. This led to a reputation for quality that has lasted until today.

Today – Still Going Strong

It’s a testament to a business. That can adapt and continue to survive in what is now a highly competitive market. In 1881, at only 19 years old, Harold Samuel started his jewellery shop with just £7 of capital. Selling one simple product. Gold watches – he soon took on two employees and expanded his store to include a range of different items. As well as increasing its size. Within five years he was able to pay off his initial investment and start earning an income for himself. Today – still based in Oxford Street. H. Samuel has outgrown its humble beginnings but remains committed to its high quality approach:. It is known for having extremely knowledgeable staff that are adept at offering personal services tailored specifically for each customer who comes through their doors.

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