The Best Creator Ever: Why Goku is the Greatest

And so, without further ado. Here are the reasons why Goku is the greatest creator to ever exist in the history of the universe. (and beyond).


It’s no secret that Goku, from the hit anime series Dragon Ball Z. Is one of my favorite characters of all time. One thing I’ve always liked about him was his ability to create amazing things for his friends and family when they needed it most. From teleportation devices to healing potions. Goku has always been able to think fast on his feet and figure out a way to fix whatever problem arose. That strength—the ability to adapt and overcome—is what made Goku my role model growing up. He never lost hope or faith in himself even when things looked bleak and he could rely on hard work and determination alone to come back stronger than ever. It’s that same spirit I want to carry with me as I continue my journey into adulthood.

You’re My Opponent, I Will Defeat You!

The first time Goku used his Kamehameha technique, he was training with Master Roshi. When Goku came out of a cave where he had trained for two years. Master Roshi summoned up some girls to distract him. Goku didn’t fall for it. So Master Roshi called Shenron and wished for a girl that would be Goku’s match. Not in beauty or strength but in heart. This ended up being Bulma because she wanted to use her father’s Dragon Ball technology to get rich. From that point on Bulma and Goku were destined to butt heads constantly. Even though they were undeniably drawn to each other.

A True Warrior Never Shows His True Power!

There are few guarantees in life, but one of them is that eventually someone will challenge you to a fight. As true warriors, we must always be ready for battle! It would not do to underestimate our opponents, especially if they appear young and inexperienced. That’s why we use Shapeshifting Technique and make ourselves look like weaklings until we see their true power! True warriors show no mercy or compassion—especially when wearing sunglasses and backwards caps. Goku has mastered these techniques and more during his time on Earth, making him a true warrior indeed!

I Think I Can Beat Him!

Goku may have been a little stronger, faster. And more skilled than his enemies, but he never took it easy on anyone. Whether he was fighting Freeza or Majin Buu, Goku never gave less than 100 percent. A lot of people go through life without fully committing to their ideas or projects. Because they’re convinced that someone else is better than them. But if you really want to stand out in your field and prove you’re one of a kind. Don’t hold back!


I suppose Goku isn’t exactly great in a moral sense. But by any objective standard. He’s one of history’s most important individuals—and not just because he single. Handedly saved humanity from extinction and then defeated an intergalactic tyrant who was bent on reviving that same extinction event. Goku was also an innovator who pushed us to do better and be better at every turn. He set out to conquer every challenge that came his way and redefined what it meant to be strong along the way.

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