The Tragic Life of Eren Yeager: A History

Eren Yeager has been through a lot in his life. But he’s always come out the other side stronger than before. From his early childhood. When he lost both of his parents and had to rely on others to help him get by. To his time as an 8th grader in middle school when he was considered just another ordinary kid. Eren’s story is one of tragedy and triumph, with plenty of lessons to be learned along the way. Here are some highlights from Eren’s life so far and what you can learn from them about success and leadership.

1 Eren Yeager Early Years

The boy who would become Eren Yeager was born on March 5, 832 to Carla and Gisha Yeager. From his mother he inherited a keen mind for science. And research as well as an intense drive to help people. From his father he learned how to be a kind person. And that being happy is most important thing in life. Grisha taught him that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. (Of course, Grisha also taught him how to throw a punch!) Unfortunately, When humans learn these lessons too young they often carry them into adulthood. And sometimes things don’t turn out so great for those humans…

2 Mikasa’s Early Years

Armin Arlert and Mikasa were best friends growing up. Her mother, Kiko, a veteran solider and her father, Zackery always encouraged her to train and become stronger. When she was younger she met a boy by the name of Eren Yeager; however it was not until they were older did they begin to like each other in a romantic way. The three became inseparable until on there 6th birthday’s when an unknown soldier came into their home as they slept. And killed Kiko while Armin, Mikasa and Eren escaped out into there village; afraid that if they stayed, who ever killed their mother would come after them too.

3 Attack on Carla

The Beast Titan attack on Carla’s village is significant because it inspired Grisha Jaeger to enlist in Trost and join the Survey Corps, where he’d meet future squad leader Keith Shadis and become inspired to write his influential book on eren yeager. This book would later be memorized by future squad leaders Mike Zacharias and Erwin Smith. When Erwin Smith had to pick a new recruit from Shiganshina District, he chose Eren over Mikasa. During that time. Mikasa was envious of him for his passion for joining her mother’s killers so she can exact vengeance against them. She called him a crazy brat. Not unlike how Mike Zacharias thought Eren too green for his desire for expedition at that point in time.

4 Battle of Trost District

The battle was a turning point for humanity, proving that they were still capable of putting up a good fight. This led to numerous counterattacks against titan attacks throughout the next nine months. Despite suffering heavy losses, humanity had never been more ready to push back and reclaim what was theirs. On August 10th, Erwin Smith made his first command as leader of Squad Levi with Eren Yeager serving as his second in command and Armin Arlert appointed commander after him. While he did initially lose some ground on Shiganshina District’s outer gate. Using new strategies and gambles. (the newest weapon being their Vertical maneuvering equipment), they regained it later in that day before pushing into Shiganshina itself.

5 Titan Shifter Information and Grisha’s Past Revealed

In a past interview for Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Hajime Isayama talked about who Grisha was in his previous life, how he’s closely connected to his wife. Carla Jaeger and who their children are. Other than Ymir and Historia, there are two other people that have shared an intimate moment with him. Now all questions will be answered as I take you back in time and explore Eren Yeager’s history while introducing information that no one else has talked about before now. Also included is something I like to call the lost memories a segment where I go into each character’s past trying to discover more information based on what we already know.

6 Survey Corps Experience Trauma from Captain Shikishima’s Death

Since Captain Shikishima’s death and their own attempts to save his life, all members of Survey Corps have been changed. Mikasa Ackerman has become withdrawn, and is prone to fits of anger; Commander Erwin Smith. Who was left holding Shikishima’s head as he died. Sometimes sits in front of his office with a blank expression on his face; and Reiner Braun looks back on that day every so often and cries. Even Bertolt Hoover, who doesn’t feel grief or guilt anymore due to his devil’s ability, still thinks about it occasionally. However, one person seems to be completely unaffected by what happened that day—Eren Yeager.

7 Paradis Island Assaulted by Colossal Titan

In a desperate effort to capture the Armored Titan and retrieve Dr. Erwin Smith, Paradis Island was assaulted by a colossal titan that was later revealed to be an abnormally large specimen of an ordinary titan. With over 95% of his comrades either dead or injured. Eren Yeager fought courageously against his fellow titans in an attempt to slay them all until he collapsed from exhaustion. Seeing him in such a state. Reiner Braun felt sympathy for his comrade and slew all remaining titans before carrying him off towards Wall Rose. Upon seeing Reiner’s actions. Bertholdt Hoover dismissed him as weak while Annie Leonhart reminded them they had bigger problems since their mission was not complete yet.

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