eCommerce: Which are the top 10 eCommerce Business examples to inspire and learn

As a vendor, who wants to grow his/her business, this is an important article for you. Are you looking for a place where you can sell your products and earn a massive sum of capital? If you are, knowing which are the best ecommerce business to start, makes a lot of business sense. E-commerce or online shopping websites are getting massive approaches nowadays. 

Best eCommerce Businesses: best ecommerce businesses to start 

Not every online business company can make it to the top!! Along with knowing which the best ecommerce business to start is, you need to know several aspects of the game, to come up on top.

Various factors play a significant role in rating the company as worthy of the best eCommerce businesses. The top 10 ecommerce businesses are extremely trustworthy and follow a set of internationally accepted ethical rules.

The following the top 10 ecommerce business:

1. Amazon: 

Amazon definitely earns a spot in the best ecommerce businesses. Amazon earns yearly revenue of around 62,850.1 million dollars. It employs about 566,000 personnel which is larger than that of Google and eBay. With this, you can understand the scope of its online shops. 

Amazon has always tried and successfully come up with more reliable goods and assistance. Recently, Amazon has begun 91 brands on its site. Following its online market, Amazon Web Services is the most profitable trade for Amazon. This Amazon Web Service provides the website owners with the most genuine demands; most demanded customisation, etc. 

2) Ali Baba: 

Alibaba is ranked second in the index of the top 10 eCom companies after Amazon. This company was founded in 1999 and possessed its origin from China. The founders first built Alibaba to concentrate on wholesalers, but slowly it spread its wings for retailers as well. 

The best part of Alibaba that delivers it to the second position is that it has many vendors proposing the equivalent product but with many customisations. Alibaba has a vast scope with a number of its platforms like Aliexpress, Alipay, and It runs various types of businesses. Alipay is an online payment platform; is a content hub in China. 

3) eBay:

Among the best ecommerce sites for business, eBay is one of the biggest platforms for marketing. “e” in eBay stands for “electronic”. 

The company is absolutely an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses of all sizes, to sell. eBay started in 1995, and after that, this platform has revolutionised the way of online shopping positively. To show this revolution, eBay owns its logo in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green combination. 

4) Desertcart: 

Founded in 2014, in the UAE, Desertcart, is one of the most trustworthy ecommerce platforms across the Middle East. If you want to buy accessories from the US, UK, Australia, and get it delivered at your doorstep, this is the best ecommerce platform to do business in. With visitor count in millions buying more than 50 million products, the website has prioritized delivery in Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. It is definitely the best ecommerce site for business, as per its users.

5) Jingdong: 

Jingdong or JD is a renowned eCom platform. Every time there is a discussion on top eCom sites and media, the name of JD is always mentioned. Its year of establishment is 1998 and its online business started in 2004. JD is rapidly growing day by day to achieve the top position in the market.

6) Zappos: 

Tony Zappos, who is the founder of this company, named it after him. It is an online shoe business with very efficient customer service. The company leaves no opportunity to impress its buyers with its customer service.

7) Rakuten: was this site’s initial identity because it was earlier an independent brand. Then Rakuten bought this site and changed its name to “Rakuten”. Rakuten is a significant leading online commerce website in Japan. Almost 90% of the people in Japan who use the Internet have signed up on account of Rakuten. 

8) Home Depot: 

Home Depot is the most significant residence improvement business and is among the best online ecommerce businesses. It is the unique eCommerce business that holds approximately two thousand two hundred physical markets in three nations with forty thousand workers and a yearly income of around ninety billion dollars. Home Depot is the most considerable pressure on the retail industry. 

The fantastic thing concerning this online marketing site is that the customers just have to order their goods online. Physical storehouses then provide the final residential improvement merchandise. Home Depot offers various products like rugs, mats, light bulbs, washers, etc. There is a market, linked to Home Depot which does not sell its products to the general public. It is just open for props and set suppliers.

9) Flipkart: 

Flipkart is a Singaporean online retail market. Binny and Sachin registered it in 2007. The founders are both graduates of IIT. This pair had earlier worked with Amazon after which both decided to develop their shopping site. 

Flipkart’s first successful expansion in business was that of DRM-free online song store Flyte. But then the project failed as the competition was too high. Walmart purchased the Indian eCom company for fifteen billion dollars. Now, Walmart owns 81% stake in the company. 

10) Zalando: 

This, undoubtedly, is one of the biggest success stories in it’s genre. Zalando is a platform of fashion. If you want to sell fashion accessories or to become a fashion designer, Zalando is the best and most recommendable platform.

Zalando is a cross-platform online store whose goal is to sell shoes, fashion apparel, and beauty apparel. It attracts and connects brilliant minds, grows their curiosity, encourages shining innovative ideas, and pushes them to go as far as they could. After reading Zalando’s work culture and company profile, no one can find a reason for not getting into working with Zalando. 
The top 10 ecommerce businesses have given the world the gift of shopping, added thousands of jobs, and created an integrated global economy. As people have preferred to shop online for health care products after pandemic, these e-commerce stores have come front with having such products.

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