Easy Tips to Start Garage Door Measurements

Measuring a garage door is more difficult than measuring a normal door. It is not as simple as it looks like.

Doors that we have in our house, their measurements are done on the basis of factors such as springs, track, hardware and other minute details such as width and height of the place where the door has to be set up.

Talking about the installation of a garage door, a proper set of measurements have to be set up considering the factors such as headroom clearance, side-room and backroom in mind.

Failing to do the right measurement can cause you to lose big dollars and most importantly huge time. Both this financial and time loss burden can create hassle for you which eventually will get you to spend unnecessary finance and time all over again.

To make sure you get the hassle-free installation done, we create this step by step guide to help you do the right measurement for the garage door you ought to install at your home.

Rough Opening Size

The size of door you tend to install, it should have the same size of the opening. Some contractors do not take care of this factor and ignore it which later on causes problems. This happens normally when you have your vehicle close to the garage door.

Common size of a car door is 9ft wide by 7ft tall which suggests for the rough opening size to be 9ft wide by 7ft tall.

Width and height are measured most importantly and the ratio needed to be kept for the size of the garage door is decided by the opening size of the car.

What if Measurements Are Not Level

If the floor is unlevel due to slope or crown, do not sweat it. Garage doors are never installed in a way that it matches the level of slope. In fact, to make sure the level of the garage door from the bottom matches the leveling of the floor, we adjust the bottom retainer and seal.

Bottom retainer is made up of aluminum extrusion and it can easily be molded or nailed to cover up any gaps.

Leveling the gaps is important for both the door and the maintenance. Unnecessary dust comes in through the gaps and this can affect the vehicle placed inside the garage.

The sole purpose why you keep your vehicle inside is so you can be one hundred percent sure of your vehicle being placed nicely inside the garage without anything resisting against it.

Measuring the Height

Summarizing both the first and second point in less complex words, we find the need to deliver that point in simpler words – make sure you keep the bottom as leveled and the height of the door should be as according to the opening size of the car door. For the bottom seal to be leveled you do not necessarily need to have the garage door match with the floor by having the right height or something, instead what works is you nail the bottom seal to make it match with the floor.

Measuring the Headroom

Deciding the measurement of the headroom required is pretty simple – either you go for a minimum of 18” of headroom that is followed by every residential garage door or select the size door of 24” which is a large commercial size door.

Many people think of the headroom as a header to ceiling measurement while it is more than that. It is actually nearly a header to obstruction which means just a slight wrong measurement, and the opening can cause the entire door to fall apart.  

Measuring the Side-room

We measure the side room starting from the door jamb to the side walls. The tube for the torsion springs require space along with the track brackets space having to be fastened.

The associated drawbar comes with the right width and height installed with the door, but talking about the side-room, they are installed with specific requirements.

Final Thoughts

In this article we have covered the important points that factor into having you place your garage door with the right width and height.

Garage door is one important aspect of your property that you cannot neglect the way it looks. It is a major investment you do. It is not just one wide spot where you place your vehicle but in fact, the way it looks to the visitors visiting your house also plays an important role. Something that is just so huge in size cannot go unnoticed.

It is highly likely that whoever visits your home, they will always notice.

To have the right measurement of your garage door plays a significant role in both proper opening and closing of the garage door, and not even that but also the way it adjusts with the overall vibe of your property is also what matters, suggests the custom garage doors Oregon contractor.

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