Do blue light glasses improve your sleep?

Sleep is undoubtedly the sweetest thing in the world. Getting enough and quality sleep is a crucial part of healthy living. The workaholic culture these days can cause us to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to accomplish a task from our to-do list. Plus, the growing digital dependency also leads to fewer hours of sleep. 

Today we’ll discuss the significance of blue light glasses in improving your sleeping habits. 

Currently, more than half of the population gets intensively fewer hours of sleep, and their quality of sleep has also plummeted. It is linked to severe health complications such as depression, obesity, type-2 diabetes and even heart conditions. 

To resolve the risk of potential damage, we must maintain a healthy sleeping habit. One of the significant causes of poor sleeping habits in teenagers and adults is artificial blue light absorption in the eyes. 

Blue light is high-energy, short-wavelength rays othat’s emitted from all digital devices screens. The biggest source of blue light is the sun itself. But due to the close proximity of digital devices and our eyes, the threat from the screens is copious.

Staring at our smartphones late at night even when we are comfortably tucked in bed to sleep can be extremely detrimental for your health. Blue light rays absorption can disrupt your circadian rhythm by suppressing the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Which in return manipulates our brain into thinking that’s still daylight so we remain alert, active and AWAKE all night. 

Are blue light rays harmful?

According to the recent research done on the risk of blue light rays, the complication of the rays depends on the amount of time you spend on screens. The more we get attached to our electronic gadgets, the more harmful effects we’ll get to see on our eyes, sleep and overall health. 

Here are some of the reasons why blue light rays are harmful:

Digital eye strain – An umbrella term for the numerous eye conditions and discomfort caused by prolonged hours of screen use. Digital eye strain also affects people’s productivity level. The symptoms of digital eye strain are blurry vision, burning sensation, difficulty in concentrating, neck and shoulder pain, headache and many more. 

Risk of permanent eye diseases – Blue light rays are also responsible for causing age-related macular degeneration that leads to permanent blindness. AMD occurs as a result of extensive exposure of blue light which penetrates all the way to the retina, causing severe damage to the light-detecting cells, which has been proven by the study from The University of Toledo.

Depression and other mental issues – Blue light rays indirectly hinder our sleeping habits which ultimately leads to depression and other mental illnesses in people. 

What is a blue light filter and how does it work?

When you buy glasses online, you are most likely to come across a blue light filter option in the coating category. Blue light filters are specially designed coatings that remove or block blue light rays from entering your eyes. Available on both prescription and non-prescription, the blue light filters are responsible for eliminating the most harmful blue light rays in the frequency of 400 and 440 nanometers. 

Reducing such frequency rays help in alleviating various eye conditions and discomfort caused by prolonged hours of digital devices. 

How does blue light filter improve sleep?

The Blue light filter in glasses helps to improve sleep by not only blocking blue light rays but also restoring your body’s natural circadian rhythm.  At night when you have an urgency to check your emails or binge-watch a Netflix series, blue light glasses can help significantly. 

Blue light filters help you attain better sleep by blocking the artificial blue light rays from the digital screen and preventing your brain from the false message. At night, when our body releases the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, it’s a signal for the body to wrap things up and head to sleep. But with blue light rays entering your eyes, the melatonin is never secreted and you don’t feel asleep until you are physically tired. By wearing blue light glasses, you restore the sleep hormones and with their help, you get sound sleep and the much-needed quality rest. 

You can get a premium blue light filter on the designer or cheap glasses online, at just £15 from Manchester-based Specscart. Along with free protective coating, and shipping, blue light glasses from Specscart are durable, stylish and made our sustainable-material. 

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