Different types of clothing stickers

There are many different types of clothing stickers. They can be used to display information and logos, but they also have other applications.

The first and most common application is to use clothing stickers as a form of identification. This is especially true for service industries, where employees need to wear uniforms or work clothes that let customers know who they are and what their responsibilities are. In this case, an engraving machine is usually used to inscribe the name of the organization on the clothing stickers.

Another common application of clothing stickers is as promotional items. Companies often give away clothing stickers with their company logo or slogan on them as a way to advertise their products or services. These days, this kind of advertising is often done via social networks like Facebook and Twitter because they’re free and easy ways to reach a large number of people at once.

Clothing stickers are also useful for storing information about an item’s history or ownership details. For instance, medical professionals may want to attach a patient’s name and contact information onto their scrubs so that if they are ever called out at night for an emergency call, there will be no confusion about who needs help or how best to contact them afterwards.

Here’s an overview of the different types of clothes stickers and what they can be used for:


Buttons are great because they’re easy to wear, they’re small and they don’t take up much room on your shirt. Buttons are also very visible and easy to access. You can wear them anywhere on your clothing or even on a hat or lanyard.

Embroidered Patches

These patches are sewn onto the garment, leaving behind a permanent imprint. They’re great for events where people are wearing garments for several days straight (i.e., Comic Con) because they’ll leave behind a nice impression that lasts long after the event has ended. Embroidered patches can also be used as giveaways at events by giving them away as prizes for contest winners or even as freebies for new customers who buy from your store during the event!

Clothing stickers are also a great way to promote your brand offline as they can be placed on clothing and accessories. The most common type of clothes tag is the printed clothing label. This is usually attached to the inside seam of clothing using an iron-on adhesive or a sewing machine. Printed clothing labels are available in a wide range of materials including plastic, paper and fabric.

Clothing stickers are usually placed on the front of clothing or on the back of a shirt. The front of clothing is usually the best spot for these promotional items because it will be visible when someone is wearing it. However, if you want to place these stickers on the back of shirts, then make sure that both sides of the shirt have a pocket so you can easily place them there without damaging the shirt itself.

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