Crucial things to know for your car crash claim in Roseville

A significant number of serious and fatal car accidents are reported in Roseville each year. The aftermath of such a mishap can be scary for anyone, and if you have lost a loved one, nothing is comparable to that loss. Filing an accident claim for your injuries (or a wrongful death claim) can be perplexing, especially if you have no clue about California state laws. Instead of understanding things from scratch, consider meeting an attorney to learn more about the unique circumstances surrounding your claim. Here is an overview of the crucial things to know for your car crash claim in Roseville.

  1. Your fault could be a critical factor in the final settlement. California’s comparative fault rule allows you to file a claim against the other at-fault driver, even when you are mostly accountable for the accident. However, your final compensation will be adjusted as per your fault share. If you know that you were negligent in some manner, let your attorney know.
  2. It would help if you acted in time. You should ideally inform the insurance companies at the earliest. If you decide to sue the other driver in court, you must adhere to the deadline determined by the statute of limitations. For both injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims related to a car crash, the time limit is two years.
  3. You shouldn’t talk to the insurance adjuster directly. The immediate financial strain may force you to accept the first settlement, but do not deal with the claims adjuster alone. Once you hire an attorney, they will communicate with the insurance team and negotiate the settlement. The claims adjuster will never make a fair offer. Also, don’t agree to give a statement.
  4. You shouldn’t admit fault. Even when you believe that your action may have contributed to the crash, do not say that to anyone. Keep things neutral and let your lawyer devise the right strategy for the case. Keep things private until you recover a settlement, and do not post pictures or videos on your social media handles.
  5. Look for an experienced lawyer. The right injury lawyer can make or break your case. Always work with an attorney based in Roseville and has experience working on auto accident claims. The lawyer should have trial experience and be willing to represent you in court if needed.

Top injury law firms will take your case on a contingency fee, which is an added benefit.

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