9 Tips for Using Craigslist Atlanta to Find the Best Deals

No matter what you’re looking to buy or sell, Craigslist Atlanta has something for you. The key to getting the most out of your Craigslist experience is understanding. How the site works and knowing how to take advantage of it to find the best deals around. Here are nine tips to help you get the most out of your experience on Craigslist Atlanta.

1) Follow up

If you’re looking to buy or sell, follow up after you post your listing on Craigslist. Several times, I’ve had buyers come back with a counteroffer or tell me that. They were going to go ahead and take care of it themselves. Most of these people wouldn’t have even reached out if I hadn’t done my part by following up. If you want more deals, be more responsive—and follow up!

2) Contact the Seller

Before you buy anything on Craigslist, give a call and have a little conversation with whoever is selling it. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions or explain your plans in detail before setting up an in. Person meeting. It also gives you more information that could potentially help you get a better deal. If something’s missing or needs repairing, if there are other items included in an offer, etc. In some cases, calling can even be enough to convince someone that their price is too high! On Craigslist Atlanta in particular. It’s worth noting that potential buyers should always be sure to agree on every item being sold prior to agreeing on a purchase. And remember not to hand over cash until after all items have been inspected.

3) Verify All Details and Facts Before Purchasing

One of my biggest gripes with Craigslist is people’s willingness to purchase sight unseen. This practice can get you into trouble in a hurry. In addition, many products and services come with an implied warranty of workmanship and/or performance if they are advertised as such. It is important that when you buy something on Craigslist that it be shipped using a service like UPS or FedEx where you have a tracking number so that you can insure proper delivery if necessary. Furthermore, it is also prudent that whatever your buying have some form of return policy built into it otherwise it’s buyer beware. I am not kidding on that front as I have personally seen serious issues crop up from items purchased as-is. Bottom line: Follow these tips and protect yourself when making purchases on Craigslist Atlanta!

4) Have Plenty of Cash Available When Scheduling the Pickup

We have a little secret we use when picking up stuff on Craigslist. And it’s something you may have already considered:. Having plenty of cash available on hand can be a great way to maximize your time. If you know there’s something particular you want, then bring along cash. Most people are ready to deal because they just want their junk gone and whatever price they name (which is almost always too high) is likely better than a I’ll get back with you… That said, try not to bring more money than you expect to spend. Nobody likes loose change sitting around at home—not even from their good deals on Craigslist Atlanta!

5) Don’t Buy if There are Signs of Unprofessionalism

If you see something fishy, like misspellings or broken links, chances are there’s a good reason. If that seems too risky to you, there’s no shame in walking away. It’s your hard-earned money, after all. You also need to be careful if it feels like someone is trying too hard or being overly persistent:. They might just be a friendly businessperson trying to close a sale Or they could be up to something more devious. To make sure Craigslist transactions go smoothly, follow these nine tips for using Craigslist Atlanta smartly.

6) Take Photos of the Product, Including Any Damages or Issues

Photos are vital when selling products on Craigslist. If it’s an electronic device, take a picture of every button, dial and screen in case there are problems. Taking close-up shots of any scratches. Dents or discoloration will help communicate just how well—or not—the product has been cared for. Most people are very visual and having pictures that they can look at will save time by eliminating any questions they may have had about your descriptions. Be sure to include yourself in photos as well (you don’t want them thinking someone got hold of your listing). When it comes to creating a listing on Craigslist Atlanta, photography is everything!

7) Check If You Can Negotiate The Price

Although Craigslist is primarily an online classifieds site, there’s always room to negotiate. If you call a seller, try saying something like I’m sure it’s worth X amount. I’m willing to pay that but am flexible if you can come down just a little bit more. Even better, ask if they have any friends who might be interested in selling their own items on Craigslist atlanta with them. The experience of going through Craigslist atlanta together can be fun and you’ll even potentially find people with shared interests. That way you can join forces and knock out all your Craigslist atlanta needs in one fell swoop! The more people working together, negotiating on prices and helping each other out, the lower everyone’s costs will be overall.

8) Know How Much Things Are Worth Beforehand (check online!)

The question how much should I charge? comes up a lot in our forums, so we tapped money expert Clark Howard to share his thoughts. His general advice: It’s easier than you think to figure out what items are worth – or you can use pricing calculators (try ours!). Another common money myth that Clark would like people to stop believing is that sellers always get taken. That’s not true, he says. You don’t need any special skills or abilities, just a little bit of knowledge and some smart negotiating skills. Which anyone can learn if they do their homework on what something is worth beforehand, he explains. Read more about how just asking yourself What do I want to get out of it?

9) Get Your Purchase Home Safely and Quickly

If you’re buying furniture or electronics online and have them shipped. There are a few ways to reduce your risk of fraud. First, it’s good practice to choose providers that use secure HTTPS websites. Second, make sure you only contact providers via their contact us forms. (as opposed to email or phone numbers listed in Google results). And third, don’t be in a rush. If something seems fishy or too good to be true on Craigslist Atlanta, trust your instincts and move on.These kinds of deals almost never pan out in your favor.

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