Cole Hauser Teases Rip’s Light at the End of the Road on ‘Yellowstone’

In the new season of Yellowstone, which premieres on Paramount Network on June 20 at 10 p.m. Series newcomer Cole Hauser shares scenes with Kevin Costner in his role as Rip Wheeler. The park superintendent who has been running things in the wake of John Dutton’s absence and his son Joesph’s death. But just what does Rip have up his sleeve? We caught up with Hauser to find out.

What did he tease?

Cole Hauser discussed his upcoming character, Rip Wheeler, in Yellowstone season 2 — though he hasn’t started filming yet. He teased that viewers will meet Rip earlier. Than in season 1 and that he has a light at the end of his road. While discussing what they can expect from him in terms of development. He also said Rip has gone through a lot, with his family and other things. You learn about who he is and see where we are coming from — there are all these roots. And little things people can look forward to learning about him. There are lots of layers to play with as an actor.

What did he mean by it?

In Season 2’s Episode 3, titled Three Sisters, a series of developments cause rifts within John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) circle. In an interview with IndieWire,. Cole Hauser teased a moment in which his character crosses paths with one of those parties — something. That has been brewing for two seasons now. I think what I can tell you is that in my favorite scene to date — and we get it up there [in Calgary] at River Cree [where production is based] and we bring it back to L.A. — they set up lights like a stage. But it’s very dark, so when we do night shoots like that you know right away you’re doing something interesting.

How could we possibly know what he means?

Cole Hauser isn’t going to tell us what he means! The Yellowstone star is simply teasing that there is a light at the end of [Rip] Duvall’s (Kevin Costner) road. As you may know, his character was seen getting shot and dying earlier in Season 2. But it sounds like we shouldn’t assume he didn’t get a second chance when it comes to his health. Cole told TV Guide: The heartbreak is not knowing if he survived [being shot]. Obviously, I can’t say anything else. So while we don’t have any official confirmation yet,. It seems like Kevin could have returned as a zombie or something along those lines.

Will this be important in future episodes?

I don’t want to give too much away, but yes – there is a very important scene in episode three. It’s a game changer for Teton and it’s definitely one I hope makes people watch next week. We had an amazing day shooting that scene. We were outside which can be tough since you are always battling weather changes and all things Mother Nature. But these are some of my favorite days on set. Because I get to just hang out with my friends who also happen to be actors.

Where do we go from here?

With eight episodes left in season 1. Yellowstone viewers are beginning to wonder what’s next for John Dutton and his family. As it turns out, series star Cole Hauser is also wondering where things will go—and why. Speaking with TV Guide Magazine, Hauser revealed he thinks there’s certainly a light at the end of [the] road that we don’t really know how far away it is yet…There could be one year down a couple more years or whatever. While season 2 hasn’t officially been ordered by Paramount Network. It seems likely that Dutton will come out on top in some capacity.

What are your thoughts?

The suspense is building as fans eagerly await to see what happens with Yellowstone character John Dutton. (Kevin Costner) following his violent fight with Logan (Luke Grimes). Actor Cole Hauser, who plays third-generation rancher and long-time. Dutton employee Rip Wheeler. Has teased that his character will feel a sense of relief. Now that things are finally settling down in Yellowstone National Park. He feels like there’s light at the end of [the] road, he said. A lot was accomplished in [the] finale, so I think he’s ready to live a little bit. One major event Rip may be relieved about is John and Kaycee’s (Kelly Reilly) engagement.

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