Caring for Weighted Blankets

You’ve seen the commercial, read the testimonials, and decided it’s time to get a weighted blanket. Its gentle constraint is proven to bring down anxiety levels and prevent fidgeting before and during sleep. The sheer weight will make you feel calm like you are in a constant giant hug. This will make you sleep like a wrapped-up baby waking up more rested than ever. There’s even the option of a weighted blanket for couples which means nobody has to be the ‘big spoon’ anymore. All of that is great, but have you ever wondered how to care for your new hefty friend once it arrives? 

Read the Instructions

As with most objects that require washing and maintenance, there needs to be solid advice. Depending on fabric content, knowing how to handle the material is important. Consult the label and additional directions that come with the package and use those as guidelines for proper care.

Do You Need a Cover for Your Weighted Blanket?

Most weighted blankets already come with their own cover, specially designed to keep them damage-free. If yours didn’t come with any, you might consider getting one that’s just the right fit. A cover or protector will prevent spills from reaching your blanket and guards against things like dust, sweat, or pet hair. You can, and should, wash the covering separately and can do so more often than the blanket itself.

How to Spot-Clean a Weighted Blanket

If your blanket doesn’t yet need a full-on wash, but rather it was exposed to a small spill or stain, spot-clean it. Treat the stain according to its nature, working cleaner in with your fingers or a small brush. When it’s time to rinse, pat down with a clean, damp cloth until the detergent and blemish are both gone. 

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

Do a proper assessment of both your blanket and your washing machine. Read the instructions carefully and determine which wash cycle, if any, is suitable to handle the load. This will depend on the weight of the blanket, its bulk, as well as on the capacity of your appliance. A second, safer, option is to simply hand wash in a tub. Make sure you are using suitable deterrents and giving it a proper soak and rinse.

How to Dry a Weighted Blanket

The best method of drying is by laying it flat after washing. Hanging a wet blanket is not advisable as the beads shift position and the soaked water makes it even heavier. What you want to do is to lay a tarp down to protect your floors before placing the blanket down. Don’t fold it, but remember to flip it every 6 hours or so. It might take the blanket up to 2 full days to dry off completely, so be patient.

Can You Repair a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are usually sturdy, meant to withstand the strain of their weight, but accidents can happen. The stitching is stronger than that on regular blankets or duvets, but it should still be checked periodically. If you notice any signs of tearing then you should address the issue immediately! If, however, a tear happens, make sure you vacuum all the beads as they are a choking hazard for small children or pets.


Hopefully, the task of cleaning your weighted blanket will no longer seem like a burden. However, if you are still unsure of how to go about it, take it to an experienced professional cleaner. Do this, especially if you think your washing machine can’t handle that kind of load. 

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