How to Use Car Guru for Buying and Selling Cars

If you’re looking to buy or sell a car, and you don’t mind using technology to make it easier, then you should check out Car Guru, an online marketplace where you can find reviews of cars and book an appointment to see them in person. Or perhaps you’re just interested in finding out more about the car that your neighbor has been driving for years but never told anyone about it. Whatever your needs are, here’s how to use Car Guru from A-Z.

Research your next car

The internet is a great resource, especially when it comes to researching cars. CarGurus has an extensive database of reviews, which can give you a general idea of what previous owners are saying about different models. The site also has a price history feature that lets you see how your car’s value is likely to change over time (and if you’re planning on selling it, be sure to check out our advice on how to price your vehicle ). Overall, it’s worth checking out as both a buyer and seller.

Decide on a payment option

CarGurus lets you narrow your search by payment options. You can choose from buying outright, or leasing, getting a loan from a bank or using a credit union. If you decide on financing, it’s crucial that you meet with your bank to discuss what type of loan will be best for you, how much you can afford per month and how long before your car becomes paid off. Calculate interest costs in order to come up with an estimated monthly payment. Then compare different cars based on their prices and interest rates so that you can decide which option is best for you.

Order your report

Car Guru is a new way to buy or sell a car online. If you’re in search of a better, faster way to buy or sell your next car, CarGuru is perfect for you. Let’s say you are looking for a specific model of car. On CarGuru, enter in your location and click on Find Cars Nearby (see Figure 2.2). You will see cars available nearby (Figure 2.3). Click on Sell My Car if you want to list it with them as well (see Figure 2.4).

Visit the dealer

If you want your car buying experience to be positive, it’s important that you find a dealer that is well-respected. One of your best bets is CarGurus. The site features tens of thousands of reviews from auto industry insiders, so if a dealership isn’t highly rated by their own customers, it will probably show up in CarGurus’ inventory search results. These ratings can help you make an informed decision about where you choose to shop. Additionally, if there are any special circumstances—like owning a rare model—CarGurus also shows dealers which cars they have available in stock.

Negotiate with your dealer

CarGurus is an excellent place to begin your car-buying research. The site lets you narrow down your options according to things like price, fuel economy, seating capacity, safety rating, and more. Once you’ve identified a few models you like, contact your local dealer(s) through CarGurus to ask if they’d be willing match the deal on CarGurus. This can lead to significant savings—as well as get them thinking about why they’re not in line with those prices already.

Bring someone along with you

Before you visit a car lot, make sure you bring someone along with you who knows a thing or two about cars. It may seem like a lot of work, but it can really pay off in saving time and money in purchasing your new vehicle. Ask your friend if they know anything about any parts that are on sale; maybe they’ll have some insight on whether it’s worth buying them or not. Your companion should also help assess whether different models have any major problems that would be worth bringing up while negotiating—or help explain what kind of problems might be more important than others. Keep in mind that you can use Car Guru when selling your car too!

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