The Brimhall Essay Contest at BYU A Platform for Scholarly

The Brimhall Essay Contest at Brigham Young University (BYU) stands as a beacon for aspiring writers, providing a platform for students to showcase their literary prowess. In this article, we’ll delve into the essence of the Brimhall Essay Contest, exploring its significance, guidelines, and the enriching experience it offers to participants.

The Genesis of Brimhall Essay Contest at BYU

Nurturing Academic Excellence Through Literary Expression

The Brimhall Essay Contest, named in honor of George H. Brimhall, the fourth president of BYU, was instituted with the primary aim of fostering academic excellence and encouraging students to delve into the art of scholarly expression. Since its inception, the contest has evolved into a prestigious event that attracts students from diverse disciplines, reflecting the university’s commitment to holistic education.

The Contest Guidelines

Crafting Insightful Essays that Resonate

Participants in the Brimhall Essay Contest are challenged to craft insightful and thought-provoking essays that resonate with the chosen theme. The themes vary each year, spanning a wide range of topics that reflect the contemporary issues and intellectual pursuits relevant to society. Students are encouraged to draw from their academic experiences, personal insights, and rigorous research to create compelling narratives.

Theme Exploration and Originality

Each year, the contest organizers carefully select a theme that encourages participants to explore various facets of the chosen topic. This not only ensures a diverse range of submissions but also challenges students to think critically and approach the theme from unique perspectives. Originality is highly valued, and participants are encouraged to infuse their essays with innovative ideas and personal experiences.

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The Enriching Experience for Participants

Beyond the Classroom: Fostering a Culture of Expression

The Brimhall Essay Contest extends beyond traditional classroom settings, providing students with an opportunity to express themselves outside the confines of academic assignments. It serves as a platform for individuals to hone their writing skills, develop a distinct voice, and contribute to scholarly discourse. This experience goes beyond the competitive aspect of the contest, enriching participants’ academic and personal growth.

Mentorship and Guidance

Throughout the contest, participants have the chance to receive mentorship and guidance from faculty members and experienced writers. Workshops and writing clinics are organized to help students refine their essays, providing valuable insights into the nuances of effective writing. This mentorship aspect distinguishes the Brimhall Essay Contest as a nurturing ground for emerging literary talents.


Q1: Who is eligible to participate in the Brimhall Essay Contest at BYU?

A1: The contest is open to all currently enrolled BYU students, spanning various disciplines and academic levels.

Q2: How are the essays evaluated?

A2: Essays are evaluated based on creativity, adherence to the theme, clarity of expression, and overall impact. A panel of experienced judges, including faculty members and writers, assesses the submissions.

Q3: Are there cash prizes for winners?

A3: Yes, cash prizes are awarded to the top-performing essays, recognizing and incentivizing excellence in scholarly writing.

Q4: Can I submit collaborative essays?

A4: No, the Brimhall Essay Contest only accepts individual submissions.

Q5: Is there a word limit for the essays?

A5: Yes, participants are required to adhere to the specified word limit, ensuring a fair and competitive evaluation process.


The Brimhall Essay Contest at BYU is not merely a competition but a celebration of academic expression and literary exploration. By providing a platform for students to showcase their intellectual prowess, the contest contributes to the vibrant academic culture at BYU. Aspiring writers, guided by the legacy of George H. Brimhall, continue to embrace this opportunity to transcend the boundaries of traditional learning and contribute meaningfully to the scholarly community.

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