Best Internet Speed For Online Gaming

Are you an avid gamer that routinely downloads games and plays multiplayer games? Provided that this is true, you might need to put resources into an unlimited internet plan. A few games need up to 89 GB of data to download and even with the best internet speed for gaming, without sufficient data, you won’t have the option to download the games. Likewise, in case you’re sharing your data plan with a whole family unit, be sure to have 8-10 GB of data to play with every month.

With the best internet speed for gaming, enough data, and the correct network access, you can experience lag free gaming without fail. Since you realize what to do, you need to know what internet service suits you, how they work and what internet package is best for you and your gaming experience.

Have a look at these 4 different internet services:

Fiber optic cable:

Fibre optic cable is the fastest widely available Internet service that uses fibre-optic cables which transmit large amounts of information within seconds but it’s not available everywhere like other types of internet. On the off chance that you can get fiber optic cable internet, you’ll be elated that you got it. Its capacity to outpace other internet services includes both download and uploading speeds which makes it the most perfectly awesome internet access for gaming.


This internet service utilizes a similar sort of cables that cable providers use to give cable TV, making it the second-quickest alternative and a standout amongst other internet types for gaming in many families. It works like broadband so it can reach high internet speeds. Remember, in any case, that if numerous individuals in your general vicinity are connected with a similar cable server at the same time, you can encounter much more slow internet speeds or lag.

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DSL or Digital subscriber line Is the original high-speed Internet which is based on existing telephone lines, making it exceptionally available to numbers of homes. But there is a pitfall of having a DSL connection that it’s not always consistent. The further you get away from the internet service’s point, the slower your service or internet can get and be careful, you could easily lose DSL service in a storm or other natural disasters.


If you happen to live in an exurb or a countryside that doesn’t have cable services or DSL set up, satellite internet service is your best service choice for gaming. Satellite internet services are almost available everywhere in the United States. It has bandwidth which is comparable to DSL and cable Internet service but sometimes it can also feel slower due to latency (ping rate). Despite the fact that you’ll connect with the internet through your satellite dish and service can be inconsistent, slow, and costly sometimes. This might affect your gameplay.

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What’s theBest Internet Speed for Online Streaming Gaming?

If you need to stream your game for others to see, you’re going to require the fastest internet speeds than standard gameplay. To start with, ensure you have hardwired network access. At that point check your download and upload speeds. For the ultimate best gaming experience, make certain to have uploading speeds of 10 Mbps at least and download download of at least 50 Mbps.

Step by step instructions to Improve Your Internet Speed for Gaming

Regardless of whether you find that you have the best internet speed for gaming, however despite everything you are facing buffering and game lag, or you need additional bandwidth. here are a couple of things you can do to improve your internet access for gaming:

Ensure your web bundle gives enough data transfer capacity to help both gaming and all other different gadgets. Are you a Netflix binger? You may need to increase your internet package to support all of these devices .

In case you’re attempting to save money on the internet or upgrading internet plans isn’t a choice, go at disconnecting different gadgets that are connected with the internet and gobble up bandwidth .

Utilize a hardwired connection. if feasible, connect your gaming gadget straightforwardly to the switch with an Ethernet cable. It might be not good as WiFi but will surely give you the best service for gaming.

On the off chance that you want to go wireless, get as near to the modem or router as you can.

Think about updating your modem or router if it’s more than 5 years of age. There are especially designed routers to provide the best internet speeds for gaming, so in case you’re encountering constant game lag, an upgrade can resolve your problems.

Get the best internet plan now and enjoy gaming!

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