Benefits Of Chew Toys For Dogs

Dog toys for chewing

Chewing is often considered bad dog behavior, especially when your pup is chewing on your shoes or furniture. However, you might not be aware of the many benefits of chewing for dogs, which is where puppy toys for chewing come in handy. Having said that if dogs chew on edgy and sharp objects it might cause them harm and may require immediate dog medical aid and care. Buying pet insurance helps you cut down your expenses and provide the best medical facility to your pet.

The benefits of canine toys for chewing include:

  • stress and anxiety relief
  • improved dental health
  • gum relief for teething puppies
  • reduced destructive chewing
  • provides a positive way out for mental stimulation

How can you keep your possessions safe and allow your dog to reap all the benefits of chewing? The key is to redirect that behavior to chew toys for dogs.

Below is an insight into why your pup chews and some favorite canine chew toys for your dog to try out.

It is believed that every home should have chew toys for their pups. Here’s why:

Chew toys may be safer for your pup than dog bones.

Despite common associations between canines and bones, bones can harm dogs. Bones are a choking hazard and can hurt the pup’s mouth and cause broken teeth, digestion issues, and blockages. Rawhide and cooked bones are incredibly unsafe. We recommend heavy-duty, non-consumable, durable rubber chew toys to satisfy your pup’s instinct to chew safely.

Chew toys contribute to dental health.

Chewing can help clean your puppy’s gums and teeth — like Hammer & Arm, but for your puppy’s mouth. The act of chewing helps scrape away at tartar and smoothens the teeth. It also produces antibacterial saliva that cleanses your canine’s mouth. You may also notice your pup’s breath improving from dental chews! Just remember that chews can’t replace a bristle brush. Always brush your canine’s teeth and supplement their dental wellbeing with chews.

Chew toys can relieve dogs’ anxiety and stress.

Just like how yoga or meditation may be calming for us humans, chewing can be a relaxing activity for dogs. When anxious, dogs tend to chew to get rid of those feelings. If your dog gets stressed at the sound of storms or fireworks, it suffers from separation pain and anxiety, try giving them a chew toy for those times to help keep them happy and calm.

Dog chew toys help with teething puppies.

A dog chew toy is a must for your canine friend! Chewing can help ease the pain that dogs experience while they are teething. If your dog’s gums seem more tender, canine owners can try putting the chew toy in the freezer or cold place before giving it to your puppy for an added calming effect. Chewing also helps teeth growth so your puppy can develop healthy and robust adult canine teeth.

Dog toys for chewing provide mental stimulation.

Just like canines need physical exercise, they also need mental nourishment. Chewing is a stimulating activity for dogs and requires a lot of their focus. Chew and interactive dog toys are great ways to build your dog’s brain power! 

Chewing toys keep your dogs occupied.

Chew toys are a great engagement for your pups to get alone play time when they don’t have a tug-of-war companion. While they are busy biting on chew toys, you can get some work done or eat dinner without interruption. 

Favorite chew toys for dogs

Below suggested are some of the best chew toys for canines. We recommend giving one of these classic canine toys a try to satisfy your dog’s inherent need to chew while boosting their mental and dental health.

Liver Branch

The Liver branch chew toy is an engaging way to stop your canine’s destructive chewing habits. The liver branch is immediately attractive to pups due to its pup-approved liver scent. It is made of durable nylon. It will stand up to an intense level of chewing. This toy is available in three sizes, small, medium, and large, so that you can find the right size for your pup.

Peanut Stuffer

The peanut stuffer toy is a durable nylon chew toy with a good-tasting peanut butter scent. You will love it because it has a channel in the middle that can be filled with peanut butter or dog treats! This toy will enhance your pup’s brainpower and prolong their chew time!


The Benebone Wishbone chew toy is another fun-shaped chew for dogs. It is easy to carry and grip. These chew toys are durable nylon and have 100% natural ingredients like bacon, chicken, and peanut butter. This is available in three sizes to find your dog’s favorite size and flavor combination!

Though chewing is beneficial for dogs, in some cases, if your pup chews on the wrong objects excessively, they might end up harming themselves and require dog medical aid. Pet insurance will help you provide the best medical aid to your puppy.

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