How to Do Barbie Bratz or Fairy TikTok

Barbie Bratz or Fairy TikTok are different ways to style your hair if you have long hair. The first thing you need to do before doing Barbie Bratz or Fairy TikTok is to take out all the hairspray and conditioner, bobby pins, and barrettes that are in your hair when you start. Once your hair is as dry as possible and free of any unnecessary accessories, it’s time to do the style!

Step 1: Pick the Right Products

First, make sure that you’re using quality products. Your face and your body are going to be on display, so use high-quality makeup and skincare products that are specifically designed for dancing (for example, MAC Studio Fix Foundation has been specifically developed for dancing). You can also find barbie bratz or fairy tiktok costumes and accessories at stores like Spirit Halloween. By using good makeup and quality products, you’ll ensure that your skin stays healthy and free of blemishes throughout your performance.

Step 2: Prep your Hair

Hair extensions are a great way to instantly add volume and length (and often color!) to your hair, but they do require some maintenance. First, make sure you choose high-quality extensions. You can purchase them on sites like eBay or Amazon, or you can opt for quality salon brands like Great Lengths. Then, you’ll want to comb your hair once a week with a brush made specifically for extensions—brushes made with boar bristles are best at getting out knots and helping maintain shine. For each brushing session, start from your scalp and work downward toward your ends. Never brush in upward motions because it can cause damage!

Step 3: Contour and Highlight

After you’ve applied your foundation, it’s time to add some dimension back into your face. You can do that with bronzer, which creates a shadow that mimics light and creates depth, or with highlighter, which mimics natural sunlight hitting skin at certain angles and creates a glow. You can swirl a bronzer in a small dish with some powder blush and apply it on your cheekbones. Or, use a brush to dab highlighter in areas where light naturally hits: bridge of nose, top of cheekbones and center of forehead (or wherever you want!). Then finish off by dusting everything off with translucent powder for shine-free matte skin.

Step 4: Get Ready For A Night Out

Preparation is key when getting ready for a night out. You don’t want to be rushing around at last minute trying to find an appropriate outfit and accessories, so get your clothes organized and packed in advance. Make sure that you have everything you need so that you can spend as little time as possible getting ready. If you have your outfits organized into groups, it should take very little time for you get dressed before going out. You might even decide on outfits in advance depending on what venue you are going to visit. Make sure that everything fits properly too, because there’s nothing worse than having your favorite outfit feel ill-fitting by choosing something inappropriate for your body type. Finally, don’t forget about makeup!

Step 5: Take Selfies

Edit your photos with a photo editing app on your phone. You can usually find these apps in their respective stores, like Google Play and iTunes. If you’re not sure which app you should use, look at reviews or ask your friends which one they use. These apps are easy to learn how to use and often have free features that help improve any photo taken. If you have more than one picture that you want edited, upload them all into an album on Instagram, Facebook or another social media platform and then go back later when they’ve been uploaded so that you don’t lose them if something happens during the editing process. Once you’ve finished editing all of your pictures, it’s time to add cool filters for Instagram!

Step 6: Edit Your Photos On Your Phone

If you don’t have any video editing apps, use your phone’s camera to edit each photo. This step is important because before you edit a photo, it might have too much blue in it or not enough contrast. Using your phone’s camera will eliminate that since it will process it immediately as soon as you snap a picture. For example, if your picture is overexposed, simply change exposure and reduce light by a few notches until your photo looks natural and clear. Or you can take advantage of filters such as those found on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook (see Resources). You can turn any photo into an emoji! If you’re not happy with how one turned out, simply delete it off your device and try again.

Step 7: Use Social Media To Show Off Your New Look!

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and you can use it to show off your new look! Post some of your favorite pictures with a positive caption about how your new clothing fits, how amazing it feels, and how confident you feel. And be sure to tag your friends, even if they aren’t following you on social media just yet – that’s how you start building your own little fashion world! Don’t forget to post yourself in what you plan on wearing over Thanksgiving break. Good luck!

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