Among Us Characters: Who Are They Really?

The Among Us game begins with you and a handful of characters, but over time you can recruit more characters to join your party, each of which has their own unique perks and personality traits. These characters are each defined by four personality traits that make them who they are: Aptitude, Reliability, Dependability, and Excitability. To help you get to know the character of your among us character before you recruit them into your party, here’s a breakdown of what these traits mean and how they affect the characters in game play.

Kyra – An explorer, scientist, and all-around nerd

Kyra, a member of both Alliance and ACROSS’s exploration team, is an oddity among Among Us characters. This huge fan of science fiction was obsessed with aliens as a kid, often reading every sci-fi book she could get her hands on. Now as an adult, Kyra goes above and beyond her daily duties to get information on aliens in an effort to try and figure out who they really are. When she’s not busy reading or researching all things alien related, Kyra can be found in her ship office reviewing data from field reports for interesting findings (and of course taking time to read through all reported sightings). In fact one might say she is sort of obsessed with trying to find out everything there is about their culture!

Conner – A hockey player with a fiery temper

Everyone knows that among us character, a rude and blunt hot-head who isn’t afraid to call you out on your mistakes or throw a couple of punches when needed. But there is more to Conner than meets the eye. His trouble with holding his tongue was originally intended to be a one-off aspect of his personality but proved so popular that we have developed it into something more. Let’s get real here – none of us like working in an office with someone who doesn’t share our views and can rub us up all wrong way. There are those of us characters that get away with it because they are great at their job (and thus hardly notice how mean they are) but those who can’t find another job quickly enough!

Zoey – A singer, blogger, and social media star

Although we’ve known her for some time now, we still don’t know exactly who Zoey is. She’s a social media star and an inspiration to millions, but there seems to be more to her than meets the eye. And given that she just so happens to also be a potential Among Us character herself, it seems as though any one of these facets could in fact be nothing more than another layer of deception—all adding up to what appears to be a genuine picture-perfect online identity… or not. Let’s take a closer look at each of these parts and see what they tell us about our favorite (or perhaps not so favorite) member of The Othersiders.

Lila – An aspiring chef who loves to eat

I bet you never thought about what your future as a reader might look like, but if you could see into your future self’s life, how would it turn out? In Among Us’ first book, Lila was an awkward high schooler with two crushes and a passion for food. If she were real and I were her, now 23-year-old college student me would definitely be working in the culinary industry; my passions have hardly changed since high school. But there are many roads to success—Lila’s still is on a very different path than mine. What are some careers your among us character could realistically be pursuing today? How does she compare to what you want for yourself in 5 years or 10 years?

Anya – A tough girl who likes pink

Everyone’s favorite softball player, Anya Cooper is just another teenager at school. Of course, no one knows that she’s also one of The Among Us characters. Don’t let her pink hair and freckles fool you—Anya is as tough as they come! A loyal friend and a fierce competitor on the field, Anya always keeps her cool (unless someone messes with someone she cares about). It takes a lot to rattle her, but it helps to have two other Among Us characters around. It’s safe to say Anya doesn’t plan on leaving any humans alive when all is said and done!

Jeni – An army veteran whose life changed forever

I’m Jeni and I’m not your typical gamer. Sure, I love a good game of chess or Dungeons & Dragons with my kids. But even more than that, I love to kill zombies! Whether it’s Duck Hunt on my old Nintendo console or Left 4 Dead 2 with my online buddies, I can spend hours shooting at anything that moves. Thanks to Jay’s research, I know why we enjoy getting splattered in blood and guts while waves of undead attack us from all sides. It’s only natural – we share more in common with our hunter-gatherer ancestors than you might think. There are lots of Among Us Characters out there just like me!

Sam – A hyper athlete who loves music and hanging out with friends.

Sam is a fun-loving guy. He’s always up for an adventure and ready to hit the ground running with his fellow Among Us Character friends. That said, Sam still maintains a deep love of music and loves listening to new songs when he has time (which isn’t all that often). Also, did we mention he’s an athlete? If it involves running or jumping around, Sam will be there!

Jeremy – A doctor who lost his wife in an accident

The audience has been led to believe that Jeremy is an upstanding member of society. But what if they’re wrong? What if he isn’t as good a person as we think he is. Or what if his own greed causes him to do things that cross a line he doesn’t realize exists until it’s too late? There are so many ways that can go, and once you get an audience thinking one way about someone else, it can be difficult to pull them back. That’s why subverting expectations for your among us character (especially such a prominent one) is an effective tactic for mystery writers who want to keep their readers guessing.

Ava – An amazing artist

Ava is another character with an artistic background. Her experience at and skill in college had helped her shape her destiny, and was one of our favorite parts about writing Among Us, since we couldn’t imagine making it without Ava. She helps everyone develop their talents as an artist, trying to do as much as she can to help her friends pursue their passions in life. Her end goal isn’t just to be a student of life (which seems like an idealistic thought), but a role model for those who need it most. For these reasons, she plays a critical role among us characters.

Lara – A nurse whose father passed away

Lara is soft-spoken and kind. Her biggest fear isn’t that she could end up sick, but that she could end up like her late father—possessed by a legion of ghosts. Lara sees spirits all around her and knows she’s next. Yet she stays strong for her family, even knowing how vulnerable they are to what’s happening to her. Still, we think there’s more to Lara than meets our eye—isn’t there always with these Among Us characters? And we believe that when she finally succumbs to Legionnaires’ disease, it won’t be at all what anyone expects or thinks is possible…especially Josh.

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