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CSGO Smurf Account

In CSGO smurf account, matchmaking techniques are followed where a high-ranking player is paired with a low-ranking player to win against the latter and gain a higher rank. In these kinds of multiplayer games, high ranking players are advantageous as they can perform better in proper tournaments.

The high-ranking players thus create a second account, which is the smurf account. In this second account, they will portray themselves as amateurs, even when they are not. They will then be paired with players who have the same level of experience of ranking.

CSGO smurf accounts have come up in a huge number due to the competitiveness that the game encompasses. Creating a smurf account proves to be exceptionally beneficial for experienced players for they can not only gain a higher rank and experience, but their level of competency also increases. So, the player intentionally reduces their expertise level shown on the account and reduces their rank from possibly a global elite to low-level players such as gold nova, etc.  A smurf account can be easily purchased.

Who can purchase a smurf account?

But who can purchase a smurf account, is there a restriction? Well, smurf accounts can be only purchased by players who are exceptional in the game and possess a high rank.

 The rank needs to be high for the player, such as SMFC or Global Elite. Only these players can buy the smurf account. Once the account is bought, as explained above, the exceptional player’s rank will be below in this smurf account. It can start from gold or silver nova and then it’s all about time and gameplay.

Slowly the player will build rank as they start defeating other players who might not be as good as them. It is hard and takes time to build a rank in a smurf account.

Renowned companies sell smurf accounts to these global Elite players. Due to their expertise, they are aware of all weapons and ammunition. This makes it easy for them to defeat noobs and degrades the game’s quality for amateur players. There are more benefits of getting a smurf account than any known deficit.

It is beneficial when it comes to upskilling your existing skills. It is also illegal to create one, for the main aim is to defeat amateur players and gain the rank quickly. Existence of smurf accounts has not led to any decrease in the number of players but has contributed to its increase.

CSGO Prime Account

CSGO Prime accounts were introduced in 2016 and have been an active part of the game since then. Prime accounts are unique to a person as they are linked to the player’s phone number. It is a feature for the players who have crossed level 21. Prime account holders are privy to exclusive benefits.

How to get prime account?

If a player had bought CSGO before Dec. 6, 2019, which is when it became free-to-play, they already own an active prime account. But, if one has removed the linkage between the phone number and the account, the account is gone. You can easily re-link your account with your phone number.

Your prime status is attached to your phone number rather than the account you hold, making it easier for you to redo this. By chance, if you hadn’t bought Prime before, you can do it now. It is available from many various sources. Alternatively, you can also continue playing in casual matches to reach level 21, that is Lieutenant.

Benefits of Prime Account

  • There are several benefits of Prime:
  • This prime account lets the player match with other prime players in Danger zone and Counterstrike matches.
  • Prime players are eligible for some exclusive souvenir items, weapon cases and item-drops
  • They have access to community-operated servers.
  • The player can avoid any cheaters or hacker.
  • One might not be able to keep cheaters entirely away from their path, but owning a prime account considerably increases your matches’ quality compared to non-prime players.

CSGO High Tier Account

CSGO High Tier Accounts consists of the hours the game has been played, ranging from a minimum of 500 to 10,000 hours. The player with a high tier account must have scored 100+wins in the game. CSGO is famous for its reward system, where they give rewards to players based on their performance. These are called service medals, which are highly in demand in the e-sports arena. Most CSGO high tier accounts have multiple coins, medals and badges.

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