A comprehensive review of the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance

Formed as a joint venture between Manipal, a leading healthcare and education brand in India and Cigna, a global health care firm, the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance company is one of the finest and most trusted names in the Indian health insurance domain. The company offers a wide range of medical insurance policies at very affordable rates. This makes it very easy for people to find their ideal health plans are the ideal rates. Take a look at this article to know more about Manipal Cigna Health Insurance as an insurer and also about the health insurance products they offer.

Benefits of buying a Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plan

Here are some benefits you get when you buy a health plan from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance:

  1. Comprehensive cover –
    The Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans offer comprehensive health coverage that includes in-patient care, post and pre-hospital care, domiciliary care day, care procedures, etc. You get to keep your health secured in a very well-rounded manner with the help of these covers.
  2. Good customer support –
    The customer support team is very good. You can call the toll free number, speak to the customer support staff and have all your questions regarding health insurance cleared in a quick and easy manner.
  3. Healthy claim settlement ratio –
    Manipal Cigna Health Insurance has a high claim settlement ratio which tells you that the insurer pays a vast majority of the claim requests it receives each day.
  4. Excellent online presence –
    Another big benefit is that the company has a very good online presence. You can buy the plan online instantly. You can pay your premiums online too and you can initiate a health insurance claim online. This makes it easy and convenient for you to have and maintain your Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plan. 

Plans available from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance

Here is a list of some of the plans available from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance:

Name of PlanBrief Description
Manipal Cigna ProHealth Protect Insurance PlanThis is one of the most sought after family floater health plans that offers comprehensive benefits such as inpatient care and domiciliary care.
Manipal Cigna ProHealth Plus Insurance PlanThis is also a very good family health plan that offers comprehensive benefits. The maximum sum insured available is INR 50 lakhs under this policy.
Manipal Cigna ProHealth Premier Insurance PlanAnother good family floater health plan, the Manipal Cigna ProHealth Premier Insurance Plan offers a very high sum insured of INR 1 crore.
Manipal Cigna ProHealth Accumulate Insurance PlanThis is a restoration benefit plan where the sum insured gets restored each time a claim is made. The plan is available for the entire family.
Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection Critical Care PlanA very good critical illness policy, it covers up to 30 critical illnesses. It offers a very high sum insured of up to INR 25 crores. 
Manipal Cigna Lifestyle Protection – Accident Care PlanThis is a good personal accident health insurance plan that offers covers up to INR 10 crores. Compensation is available for accidental death as well as total or partial disability. 

What is covered under the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans? 

There are some common covers that you get under most of the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans. They are:

  1. Inpatient care –
    The plans offer comprehensive in-patient care. All expenses such as room rent, nursing charges, physician’s fees, surgery costs, ICU costs, medicines, etc are covered. So basically, if you need to be hospitalised for an injury or illness, the insurance provider will take care of the bills after you clear the co-pay amount.
  2. Pre and post-hospital care –
    At times, you may require some added medical aids at the home following or preceding your hospital stay. All the pre and post-hospital costs are included in the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans.
  3. Domiciliary care –
    Home health care such as dialysis, physiotherapy, etc are covered under the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans. This makes it easy for you to receive the treatment comfortably at your own house.
  4. Daycare facilities –
    There are some procedures such as cataract operation, angiography, etc that do not require an overnight hospital stay. You just need to be admitted for a few hours and then after the procedure, you are sent home. These are called daycare procedures and are covered under the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans.
  5. Ambulance cost –
    Ambulance costs incurred while travelling to or from the hospital are covered under the mediclaim policies of Manipal Cigna Health Insurance.
  6. OPD cover –
    You can make claims on your health plans for the OPD charges incurred when visiting your doctor for a consultation or undergoing diagnostic tests.

With these covers, you get to secure your health in a truly wholesome manner.

What is not covered under the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans? 

There are some common exclusions you will find in almost every Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plan:

  1. Self-inflicted injuries –
    If you require medical care after trying to harm yourself in any way, including an attempted suicide, no health insurance claim will be paid out.
  2. Injury due to substance abuse –
    If an accident or illness takes place following the abuse of substances such as alcohol or drugs, the insurer will not honour the health insurance claim made for the medical expenses incurred.
  3. War activities –
    All injuries sustained in war are excluded from the Manipal Cigna Health Insurance plans.

These are some of the exclusions. It is advisable for you to go over the complete list of exclusions before you buy a plan to understand the correct scope of coverage. 

The bottom line

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, Manipal Cigna Health Insurance has some very good advantages working in its favour. Apart from having some of the best health insurance plans on offer, the company displays great professionalism in the way it handles claims. As a result, the policyholders are happy and the company enjoys a high rating in the industry.

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