9 Reasons Why Plumbing Is Such A Great Choice Of Career

Whatever your age, plumbing can be a lucrative and fulfilling career choice, and with every household (not to mention businesses) needing the services of a qualified plumber at some stage, there’s potential for the workload to be consistently high. Couple this with the fact that you don’t even need to buy all of your own tools, but instead can rent those that are costlier (or at least until such time as you can afford to invest in them) from a tool hire services provider in your area, aside from getting the right qualifications and accreditations, there could be little standing in your way. 

If you’ve got an interest in plumbing, or at least enjoy working with your hands and potentially earning a lot of money, becoming a UK plumber could give you the direction you need in your life, and help you set up a business that will provide an income for you and your family for the foreseeable future. 

Could plumbing be the right career choice for you? Here are 9 reasons why it might be:  

1. Job stability

With an ongoing need for skilled plumbers, getting qualified as one could give you the job security so many crave. 

2. Avoidance of student loan debt

As a younger or mature student, attending college and university comes at a cost, and student loans are no laughing matter. By choosing a trade such as plumbing, on the other hand, you could spend a lot less money on admission fees to a vocational school or college, and sign up for an apprenticeship so that you can begin earning while you learn.

3. Career advancement

There’s no reason why you couldn’t work your way up to becoming a master plumber once you’ve got the necessary skills and confidence, and as a licensed and regulated trade, plumbing offers plenty of opportunities to strive for higher earnings and job flexibility. 

4. Job variety

While you may choose to spend your time attending to household plumbing problems, there are in fact, a wide variety of industries in which you could find regular work as a qualified plumber. 

5. Hire your tools

Until you find your feet as a registered plumber and have a steady stream of customers to keep you afloat, you can consider renting out the tools you need, to avoid the high expenditure initially. Many reputable companies offer a wide range of plumbing equipment in Surrey that you can hire at affordable rates, helping you to master more complex plumbing tasks, without leaving you penniless. 

6. Increased independence

Once you qualify as a plumber, you can choose whether you want to work for a company, or register as a self-employed plumber. With your own plumbing business you can take on as much or as little work as you wish, giving you the freedom to prioritize your family’s needs (and your own) as and when required. 

7. Job satisfaction

Some households or businesses struggle to function when they experience a problem with their plumbing, and for many, their local plumber is quite literally, their saviour: the ultimate in job satisfaction, surely?

8. Interactions socially

Plumbers are out and about all of the time, with no two days being alike, and there are generally ample opportunities to meet new people, drum up new trade and even make new friends. 

9. Zero plumbing bills!

What better way to eliminate your own costly plumbing bills than by getting qualified, and being able to fix the problems yourself!

Talk to your local career’s advice and guidance counsellor for more detailed information on becoming a plumber, and get friendly with your local tool hire company, who are typically a great source of information and contacts. 

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