8 Tips for Picking the Perfect Promotional Product for Your Brand

When you choose to use promotional marketing giveaways to expand your brand, the very first step that you take will almost always be the same: picking the product that you’re giving away. If you choose correctly, you can unlock massive marketing benefits for your brand. To ensure you choose correctly, here are eight tips for picking the perfect promotional product for your brand in 2022:

1. Understand Your Audience

If you do not understand the wants, needs, and style of your target audience, marketing to them effectively becomes incredibly difficult. Once you’ve taken the time to determine how you can attach a quality promo item to your target audience’s desires, you’ll have the ability to greatly boost your brand’s presence in the public eye. However, it’s always important to take your time with this stage of the marketing process. 

2. Order Quality Promo Items

Once you’ve determined what promo item will work for your branding and outreach needs you’ll be ready to design, order, and organize your promo items. Depending on your advertising budget, the quality you can manage will vary wildly. However, if you can only afford low-quality promo items, it may be best to wait it out until you have a more robust budget. Always consider the style of any wearable promo items you pick up, 

3. Bulk Ordering is Key

Running a successful promotional marketing campaign requires a lot of merchandise. Especially if you’re looking to give out items to fellow professionals at trade shows, you’ll need to have plenty of stock on hand. Thankfully, many manufacturers of promotional items give you massive discounts if you buy in bulk. For items that are especially easy to manufacture, your ability to order a solid stock for an affordable price is nearly guaranteed. 

4. Aim for Tactile Promo Items

One of the biggest advantages promotional marketing campaigns have over typical advertising campaigns is that you’re giving your customers something physical and tangible to interact with. For wearable promo items, your goal is to make the style, design, and fit of the shirt impressive enough that people will actually wear them out, and become walking billboards for your brand. For stress balls and other more “tool” like items, your goal is to make the customer think of your company’s products/services anytime they use their promo item. 

5. Know How Many You Need

Ordering promo items in bulk is crucial, but making sure you do not over-order is just as crucial as preventing an under-ordering issue. Sit down with your marketing and sales teams to determine a solid, reasonable number of promo items. As you decide on the amount of product you need, you may be able to cut a lucrative deal with whatever company is manufacturing your promotional merchandise. 

6. Prepare a Mini-Pitch

When you are in the process of giving your promotional merch to a customer, you have the perfect opportunity to pitch your brand to them. Sell them on the value your products and services have, and why they need to use them, and you’ll make an extra-loyal and exciting customer. Just make sure to handle this like you’re soft selling as if you come off too aggressive you may undercut the emotional positivity you’ve built up by giving out a promotional gift. 

7. Combine Your Promotional Item and Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media marketing has become one of the most prestigious and effective advertising routes for small (and big) businesses over the last decade. By combining your promo marketing efforts with social media campaigns, you can greatly expand your brand’s reach both IRL and in the digital realm. Ask customers to take a picture with their promo merch, and then post it on social media with your brand tagged, and you’ll get your brand in front of potentially thousands of new eyes. 

8. Keep Your Logo Consistent and Recognizable 

As you design your promo merch, you need to ensure your logo is consistently applied to every type of merch you order. Doing so will help keep your brand’s visibility strong, consistent, and recognizable, after all. If you’re worried your brand is too small on your promo merch, you may want to consider a redesign before sending in a bulk order. 

The Perfect Merchandise For Your Brand is Out There

With the right amount of work and research, you can quickly determine the types of promotional merchandise that are right for your campaign. By the time you’ve given out your full stock, you’ll have created thousands of unique marketing engagement opportunities. In doing so, you’ll greatly expand your brand’s presence in the public sphere.

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