7 Tips To Celebrate The New Year And Not Harm Your Health

New Year’s holidays – a series of noisy celebrations, corporate events, and parties that will affect your well-being and health.

Have you already wondered how to survive these winter festivities without harm to your health? We will tell you how to celebrate the New Year in such a way as to have great fun and avoid overeating, a heavy hangover, and headaches in the morning.

Healthy Tips To Spend New Year

Most of us spend the whole year taking care of ourselves and our bodies. But on New Year’s Eve, we forget all the rules we have made. Though it is okay to relax, once in a year some things may lead to bigger problems. For example, maybe you took some treatments for your addiction problem but when you drink excessively again, there are high chances of returning to the bad habit.

In this article, we will tell you how you can enjoy the New Year’s party without harming your health. Let’s discuss each tip in more detail below.

1- Don’t Sit Down Hungry

Housewives “hold out” until the last moment and from the very morning do not eat any of the dishes that they cook all day for a festive meal. Others are also not allowed to enter the kitchen. Thus, everyone sits at the table in the evening so hungry that they necessarily lose control and overeat.

We strongly recommend that you do not forget about breakfast, light lunch, and snacks on the last day of the outgoing year if needed. Eat fruit (apples), drink water, and make a simple salad. In general, do not stay hungry before the start of the holidays.

2- Move More

New Year’s Eve in most families is celebrated with a big feast. Since we practically do not get up from the table, carried away by conversation, cheerful toasts, and pleasant company, we eat and drink much more than our body can tolerate painlessly.

Try to push the boundaries of the party. Invite guests to dance, participate in competitions, light sparklers, or even help in the kitchen. The more you move, the faster you will feel overeating and stop in time.

3- Drink Water

The main and most effective rule of any feast where a lot of alcoholic beverages are drunk is not to forget about water. Make it a rule: for one dose of alcohol, drink one glass of still water.

It will also minimize the effect and stop you to get in unnecessary arguments. So you won’t have to make efforts in rebuilding relationships after addiction because nothing will be damaged. You will still be in your senses to talk sensibly and not hurting anybody.

This life hack works both ways at once. Firstly, you probably will not overeat, since water will take up a lot of space in the stomach and will not allow you to eat too much. And secondly, due to water, alcohol will be excreted from the body faster, and the concentration of alcohol is already will not be so disastrous.

5- Don’t Sit At Home

Lighting up sparklers outside, setting off fireworks, making a snowman, playing snowballs, riding a slide, or even just fooling around in the snowmaking snow angels are great ideas to bring the party outside.

Plenty of fresh air and physical activity will help you feel more invigorated. Get rid of the heaviness in the stomach and, of course, effectively “shake up” what you eat and drink.

5- Eat Slower

When we eat slowly, our body has time to realize and control the degree of satiety. After all, being hungry, we often experience a strong feeling of hunger, even though the stomach has long been full.

So it is better to eat slowly and chew the food more. It will also be easier for the body to digest this food. Remember the moment you get a feeling of being full, pull back your hands and stop eating.

6- Celebrate The Holiday At Your Pleasure

The festive night of December 31st occurs only once a year. We have been waiting for this magic for so long, preparing for celebrations, congratulations, and presenting gifts. It is simply unreasonable to deny ourselves some pleasure on this holiday.

Don’t blame yourself for overeating – it’s useless. Stop in time, and not deprive yourself of the holiday – this is the “golden rule” of New Year’s Eve. It is better to tune in that it is time to return to the usual regimen the very next day. And you will instantly lose the extra pounds. The weight you gain quickly, as a rule, quickly goes away.

7- Prevent A Hangover     

If you understand that you have already drunk a lot and you will most likely not be able to avoid headaches in the morning. Take drastic measures in advance so as not to get sick from a severe hangover and reduce the harm to the body from alcohol.

Choose foods rich in iodine and protein during the meal. Do not forget to have a snack, but strictly refuse sweet and too fatty foods. They will interfere with the removal of ethanol breakdown products from the body. Drink as much water as possible and do not mix strong alcoholic drinks. If you want to play it safe, take an aspirin 4-5 hours before the meal. It will weaken the upcoming effects of alcohol.

 Do not go to bed immediately after finishing your meal. Take a shower, if necessary – preparations for unloading the gastrointestinal tract (digestive enzymes). If possible, take a walk in the fresh air and only after that go to bed.

Summing Up

New Year’s night is a time of joy. You can spend it healthily by following the above tips. They ensure that you not only enjoy the parties to the fullest but also stay healthy. A healthy start to a New Year will be good for fitness lovers.

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