6 Versatile Ways To Dress A Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is a true men’s fashion staple. It’s ultimate chic style and versatility makes it a go-to style essential.

Here we have discussed how you can style your polo shirt in 6 different versatile ways that are bound to make you look super dashing. So, let’s begin:

Rock A Smart Casual Look

Want a smart casual for a casual event or night out with friends? Polo shirt is what you need to rock a smart casual look easily. Pair a light shaded or preferably white polo shirt with a pair of khaki pants or Chinos in contrasting shades and vice versa. If you are not skeptical about your look and try experimenting then opt for bright shades for a sharp look.

White is all time classic. Nothing goes wrong with pairing a navy blue, black, polo shirt with a pair of white Chinos. You can also go for white polo paired with navy or charcoal slim fit trousers or Khakis. Finish off your look with Chukkas, moccasins or plain converse shoes.

Get A Casual Summer Look

A polo shirt is a little bit more classier than a basic casualwear t-shirt. For a casual cool summer style, match contrasting Khakis or Chino shorts with the untucked polo shirt. If you go for a solid dark bottom then keep your polo clear and subtle and vice versa.

In scintillating heat and high temperatures of summer, a polo shirt is definitely a great pick. To amp up your casual summer look, you can style polo shirt two ways:

  • Pair your light textured untucked polo with contrasting Chino flat front shorts, white canvas sneakers, a strap watch and aviator sunglasses.
  • Pair your untucked polo shirt with contrasting slim Khaki or Chinos pants or trouser, Chelsea boots or boat shoes, field watch and aviator sunglasses.

Play With Stripes

If you are planning to look effortlessly smart and make a style statement then you need a striped polo shirt. This style staple comes in vertical strips and block strips.

If you are kind of concerned about your look, make sure you don’t opt for too bright and more than two shades on your polo. If you like to be experimental and try new looks then you should opt for more than three colour strip design polo shirts. Pair your striped polo shirt with slim fit white chino pants or light wash jeans, simple white converse sneakers or trainers and finish off your look with aviators. Checkout mens imported trousers in Pakistan at Diners.

Get On With A Preppy Style

Polo shirts offer an ultimate preppy look like no other wardrobe staple does. For a poised formal look, swap Khakis/Chinos or denim with actual formal trousers. For a striking outfit style, tuck your polo shirt in. Pair it with a nice leather belt and loafers from Del Toro Shoes, Oxford shoes or Derbies.

Dress Minimal For A Professional Look

If you are looking for a sharp professional look then dress minimal. Go for a preppy look with a dark solid colored polo shirt rather than one that has bold patterns, strips and too vibrant colours, as it might overdo your look and look funky rather than professional. Nothing goes wrong with having few basic colored polos in your. A modern day man must have at least three basic solid colourpolos; black, navy blue and white. Tuck in your shirt for great professionalism and pair any basic solid coloured polo with formal trousers in neutral shades and formal shoes. This look is a go-to casual office look for lawyers, trainers and other professionals.

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Dress Rugged

Denim or jeans never get old and work with any kind of top. Look super chic by dressing rugged. Pair black polo shirt with dark denim or dark wash jeans for an absolute stylish yet masculine look. Or, stun everyone around you by styling yourself in a white polo shirt and light wash jeans.

Give Some Business Vibes

Some people think that a polo shirt is only for casual wear or sports look or too casual to be worn under a business suit but that is not so true. A polo shirt when dressed as a business attire matched with right accessories, it gives some serious business vibes.

We all have some formal suits lying untouched in the closet for years. This is when a formal tailored suit comes handy. Pair your favourite slim fit formal suit with white or any basic dark solid coloured polo shirt and you are all set to turn heads in your office space. We suggest you try pairing off-white formal trousers, a modern fit blazer and a navy blue polo shirt together, then slip into some brown Oxford shoes for a smart yet stylish businessman look.

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