5 Ways to Take Care of Your Health from Home While in Quarantine

Do you find yourself under quarantine? Good! You’re not alone.

Are you bored, scared, or anxious? Good! You’re not alone.

Yes, the quarantine is a drag on normal life. We have been forced from our will to adjust. Things we took for granted are now in question during the lockdown.

How can being under quarantine be considered a good thing? It allows us to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture. As we broaden our perspective, we open the doors to personal development.

One of the best things you can do during the pandemic is to take care of your health. Follow these 5 self-care tips to cultivate a healthy mind during the quarantine.

Wake Up Early

Stop laying in bed when your alarm goes off. Stop endlessly watching YouTube videos on your side with your smartphone propped up on your pillow. Stop telling yourself, “5 more minutes.”

Having a morning routine is so crucial to you and your well-being. Waking up early has a compounding effect. Not only does it feel good to do so, but it creates a structure that jumpstarts your day.

In times of uncertainty, it is beneficial to create a morning routine for yourself. This will allow you to feel a sense of normalcy throughout the quarantine.

Morning routine suggestions:

  • Exercise
  • Shower
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Journal
  • Meditation
  • Make your bed

Move Your Body

Moving your body is so important to your mental state. The two, mind and body, are more interconnected than you might initially think.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, then get your butt out the door for the best medicine. It may take some push to get past your inner resistance, but once you do, you’ll be glad you did.

A good mantra to remember is your demons hate fresh air. Whenever you feel drained or stuck inside your head, go outside. Even a 10-15 walk around the block will do wonders for your psyche.

The best exercise for your mind is cardio. Shoot for 45 minutes per day, every day if you can.

For simplicity alone, running is a great form of cardio exercise. Grab your running shoes and go!

Stay Connected

You cannot be an island unto yourself. This will only backfire. Take care of your health, and connect with others.

In the age of social media, it is easy to stay connected with friends close and far. Let’s take a step back, is this the best form of connection? No—we can do better.

We don’t need to cut out the internet entirely, but we can reduce the time we spend on it. Let’s go “old school” in our form of connection. Writing letters and phone calls are two positive intimate forms of connecting with others.

If you prefer a newer approach—video calling is a great way to feel like you’re in the same room as the other person. Get creative with this. Have an e-date or an hour’s lunch with a friend for a virtual visit.

Reinvent Yourself

Aside from the sad news and current state of the pandemic, there are things to be grateful for. Try to see the silver lining in quarantine. There is no better time to reinvent yourself.

Take some time for introspection. How is your life going? What could be improved or altered?

Journal your thoughts on how you can change in some small way. It’s best to be open and honest with yourself. See this time being at home as a good thing.

Another great writing exercise is to journal what makes you happy. Having a list handy is an excellent way to remind yourself that happiness is a choice.

We all have some form of control here. You know what you enjoy and what you don’t. Go deep inside yourself and find what makes you tick.

Once you have it, you can keep this list posted by your desk. Seeing it every day will boost your spirit!

Focus on your personal growth and you will see there is room for exploration. You are the protagonist of your story.

Say Hi to Hygiene

Your hygiene is directly connected to how you see yourself. Now more than ever, you need to take care of your body. We can do that with our hygiene.

When you wake up, make your bed. This will make you feel good and get the productive ball rolling.

When you cleanse yourself daily you will boost your self-esteem. This includes brushing and flossing your teeth. This service will get your pearly whites shining bright.

When you look in the mirror you will love who you see.

Take Care of Your Health Under Quarantine

Your health is something you will need to keep your eye on. You must take care of your health.

You don’t need to be perfect but strive for greatness.

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