5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Outsourced IT Support Now

Information technology is booming on the back of 2020’s unique environment. Some experts predict a 3.7% growth across the IT profession this year alone.

As the importance of IT solidifies in the marketplace and companies invest more in its various services, what is your small business going to do to not get left behind?

Certainly, you’re going to make some investments in IT, but how? Our recommendation is to bring on an experienced, external IT vendor that can assist your organization in its daily operations.

Outsourcing IT support is a trend that’s picking up traction in the marketplace. Keep reading to discover a few of the incredible advantages external IT has to offer you!

1. Hastened Acclimation to a Digital-First World

As more offices transition to online workplaces, several companies are having trouble keeping up with change. Whether it’s setting up processes to securely access data remotely or navigating slow internet speeds, all of today’s new variables can wreak havoc on productivity.

Investing in IT support can help mitigate several of those issues and can put your team in a position to succeed.

2. Cost Savings

Can an internal IT team provide you with the technical support you need to function? Certainly.

The big difference is that internal IT costs a lot more.

Consider how much it would cost to salary a full-time IT person, pay their benefits, their vacation, and sick time. Compare that cost to hiring an outsourced IT firm that charges you a flat, low-rate for their services.

In almost every conceivable case we’ve seen, outsourcing is the cost-effective solution.

3. More Collective Brain Power

Not only will your payroll costs come down when outsourcing IT support but you’ll also get more value for that lower cost.

External business IT support is usually comprised of a group of individuals that manage multiple IT accounts. If on a given day, your account requires more attention, your external partner can assign more brains to your needs to work through your issues.

That scalability is a huge advantage that simulates hiring multiple IT personnel at the cost of less than one internal partner.

4. Protecting Against Breaches

A data breach can cost the average business over 3 million dollars in damages. Given how many businesses are relying on the internet today, the odds of a breach have gone up.

Outsourced IT support can monitor your business practices to ensure you’re safeguarded against common breach strategies. They can also make sure your practices are in line with consumer protection laws to reduce your legal exposure when carrying customer data.

5. Keeping Ahead of Trends

Technology empowers businesses to operate more efficiently. Armed with outsourced IT support, you’ll have a team that can help you adopt tech faster and consequently, get you ahead of your competition.

Don’t underestimate the advantage of having dedicated technological partners sitting in your company’s corner.

Outsourcing IT Support Is a Low-hanging Pathway to Success

Finding success in business is far from a turn-key process. Believe us when we say though that having affordable IT professionals helping protect your brand today and grow it tomorrow can be a huge catalyst when it comes to your growth.

We recommend giving outsourcing IT support a try to see for yourself the kind of value you’ll get out of this arrangement.

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