5 Reasons Why Solitaire Engagement Rings Are Coming Back In Style

A beautiful engagement ring is sure to win your partner’s heart forever. Before asking them to marry you, it is essential to hear their opinion on what kind of ring they want. That gives you an idea of what would look beautiful to them. It also helps you plan for the ring in terms of price and jeweler.

There are so many ring styles that sometimes can be confusing. However, some of the styles are more common than others. A style like solitaire is one of the most common ring styles for engagement rings.

Solitaire engagement rings stand out as engagement rings because so many people have used them as such. Even when you think of an engagement ring now, I am sure the solitaire ring is the one that comes to mind. 

It is a simple ring with a single stone as the center of attraction. These rings have been popular since long ago, and even with all the new designs in the market today, they are slowly coming back in style. Below are explanations of why the solitaire engagement rings are back in style.

They Never Go Out of Style

Solitaire engagement rings were popular in the 1800s and are still popular today. You would think that because the ring style dates back that long, it would be forgotten today, but that is not the case. Solitaire rings have become even more popular today because of their simplicity in style.

This type of ring oozes elegance and sophistication. If you buy your partner a solitaire engagement ring, they will wear it for as long as they live and still have a stunning engagement ring many years later. Most people prefer to buy solitaire engagement rings today because it is a timeless piece and a ring is something you will wear for a long time.

They Have Many Design Choices

A solitaire engagement has a simple design because it only has a center stone and a band. However, having a single stone does not limit the design choices. You can decide to cut the stone into various shapes like a square, round, rectangle, or any other shape you want.

The band can also have a different design depending on what you want. Solitaire engagement rings do not have limitations regarding how big you want the diamond to be. For such a simple ring, the diamond at the center takes all the attention. You can get one with a conspicuous stone if you like giant diamonds.

On the other hand, if you are minimalistic and would like a ring that is not so conspicuous, a solitaire engagement ring has got you covered. The designs available can fit both your budget and style needs ideally.

The Pair Up Well With Wedding Bands

Some people want the flexibility of dressing the ring up or down whenever they go for different occasions. If you have another diamond band, you can put it on together with the solitaire ring, and they will look stunning. 

Solitaire rings allow you to stack up rings and change your ring look whenever you want. Depending on the occasion, you can switch the same rings around to have a different look.

The good thing with solitaire engagement rings is that the other rings do not even have to be exquisite or stunning in design. The ring’s elegance will make the whole set look sophisticated and go well with any outfit you pick.

They Are Easy To Shop

Solitaire engagement rings are the ideal engagement rings. Always go for a solitaire when you do not know what to buy. You find that most people prefer to surprise their partners with engagement, so you cannot take them with you to shop for the ring.

The best way to approach that situation is to know what kind of stone your partner likes and go for a solitaire with the stone. In most cases, the solitaire ring will steal your partner’s heart. If you find out that your partner prefers something different, the ring is also easy to remake because of the simplicity of its design.

We can also resize it pretty fast when the size becomes a problem. Solitaire engagement rings are the best options for anyone buying an engagement ring blindly. For that reason, the rings will forever be in style. Also, many people think of it as the representation of an engagement ring.

They Fit All Budgets

Another reason solitaire engagement rings are back in style is that they can be as cheap or as expensive as you would like. If you want to spend a fortune to impress your partner, you can get the most giant diamond possible for the ring and make it into the design of your choice.

On the other hand, if you have a small budget but want something stunning and elegant, you can find a solitaire ring for that amount. The best thing about the ring is that the design’s simplicity does not steal away from its elegance or sparkle.

Given that most people consider a solitaire the ideal engagement ring, it is a great choice whether you want to spend a lot or not. Excellent jewelers will help you make your partner happy with the amount of money you have set aside for the ring.


Solitaire Engagement rings will be in style because of their versatility, simplicity, and affordability. They also come in various designs that allow people to have their dream engagement ring. Solitaire rings are suitable for any occasion because you can pair them with other rings, including your wedding bands.

If you plan a surprise proposal for your partner, check out solitaire rings at a reputable jewelry shop. It is easier to reshape or resize a solitaire ring than to do with other complicated design rings. You can ask the jeweler for a recommendation or go with your gut. Your partner will most likely like the ring either way because you can never go wrong with a solitaire.

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