5 Major Advantages of Electric Brakes for Machinery

Imagine you’re at work in the welding factory. You do the same monotonous job every day; welding two pieces of large sheet metal together. the machine you use every day seems a bit different today, but you pay no attention.

Unfortunately, the brakes on the machine fail because they have not been properly maintained and because of this, you lose an arm. These scenes are all too familiar in places like this.

And the culprit is an outdated fixture on industrial machines, the mechanical brake. However, there is an alternative.

Here are five reasons why electric brakes would be better for the job, and safer for employees.

1) Maintenance

Regular mechanical motor brakes use friction to stop machine motors.

Just like car brakes, they will ultimately wear down due to this friction which can lead to brake failure and dangerous situations if not properly and regularly maintained.

When it is time for maintenance, the process can prove to be difficult and costly. With electrical brakes, it uses a different process that does not utilize friction, leading to little-to-no maintenance already.

But if you invest in quality brakes, that will decrease maintenance labor and costs even further.

2) Increased Capacity

Unlike mechanical brakes, electronic brakes allow you to alter the stopping power of the system. Therefore the user has the ability to have complete control over how much power is needed.

With this in mind, electronic brakes make it entirely possible for your machines to do more work i.e. carry heavier loads and do it at higher speeds, increasing productivity over the long term.

3) Costs

Mechanical brakes get heat from the motor, which also leads to wear-and-tear. But with electric brakes, this energy is returned to the motor.

With the machine constantly reusing energy, it allows for the energy costs to be reduced along with maintenance costs.

4) Installation Ease

Electronic brakes are easier to install than mechanical brakes. With electronic brakes, all it takes is a simple connection of several wires to the control panel of the machine in use.

The motor most likely doesn’t need to be removed to accommodate the electrical brakes either, making it a quick process.

5) Safer than Mechanical

Most importantly, electrical brakes are far safer than mechanical brakes. When you have full control over the machine, you can adjust stopping power.

With mechanical brakes, not only do the brakes limit the speed a job can be done at but wear-and-tear because of the friction can make the machine more prone to brake failure.

Brake failure can prove dangerous and is a part of the leading causes of work-related injuries. You do not have this issue with electrical brake systems.

That isn’t to say electric brakes don’t come with their own problems, but they are more economical and safer than traditional mechanical brakes.

Know the Benefits of Electric Brakes

When looking at the longevity of your machine brakes, it’s only the best decision you can make by using electric brakes over mechanical ones.

They save you money over time, are far easier to install, give you the ability to do more with them, and most importantly, they’re safer. That sounds like a quality investment.

Switch to electric brakes today, and you won’t regret it. For other interesting and informative articles like this one, be sure to browse the rest of our blog.

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