5 Essential Elements Of A Successful Product Video

Videos have long been a fantastically creative and effective way to help a company sell their wares, but there’s more to making a successful marketing video than may initially meet the eye.

Working with an experienced video production company is by far the quickest and easiest route to video success, but even they must adhere to certain rules when making them, to ensure that the end result has the desired effect upon viewers. Ultimately, a video should captivate viewers, be easily shareable, and above all else, be engaging from start to finish. 

With this in mind, here are 5 essential elements of a successful product video:

1. A powerful hook

No matter how important or interesting your message or call-to-action may be, if you can’t convey this to viewers quickly and encourage them to take the time to watch the video in its entirety, it really won’t matter what it is that you have to say. 

Carefully consider your target audience and think long and hard about what might compel them to even be interested in your product, let alone buy it, and then try to address that in the video. You may want to begin your video with an intriguing message that draws viewers in and motivates them to continue watching until they get the full picture. However, you must make sure that end message is worth the wait, otherwise all you’ll do is frustrate viewers and make them unlikely to trust your videos again. 

2. A clear and concise message

There’s no room for waffling and flowery language in a product video; whatever it says must be short, sweet and compelling. That said, it’s important to consider the personality of your brand, and make sure that the message is conveyed in a manner that reflects that accurately, and helps viewers to better understand you and your product. 

3. A solution to a problem

Ideally, your product has been designed with solving a consumer problem in mind, and it’s important that you drive this point home in your videos. That your product can solve their problem, or even solve a problem that they didn’t realise they had, is something you must convey to viewers clearly, and you can do this in a number of ways. Perhaps the simplest and most effective way to demonstrate your products ability to help consumers, is by showing someone struggling to do something, and then completing the task with ease with the help of your innovative product.

4. Information of value

An effective video should contain information about your product that’s of value to the viewer; they should understand exactly what it is, what it does and how they can get one, by the time they’ve come to the end of the social media video.

5. A strong call-to-action

It isn’t enough to simply convince consumers that they need your product in their life, you also need to show them how they can get their hands on one, now! With the help of a clear and unambiguous request to buy the product now, ask for a demo or learn more about it, you must show viewers how they can buy your product if they want to, and how they can share it with others who might be interested. 

When done right, nothing is more powerful than a product video, and by seeking professional help to create a compelling and highly shareable video, you can turn heads and hopefully, turn a profit, too!

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