4 Precautions to Take When Camping with Your Dog

Take your pup out camping but exercise caution!

Camping in the wild is undoubtedly a pleasurable activity; however, there is no denying the risks involved. No matter how much your puppy loves to be left free to explore the surroundings, it is best if you stay by its side most of the time, if not always.

The dangers lurking in the forest are many. For instance, wild beasts, poisonous plants, and toxic algal blooms in water are some your canine pet must stay away from. Extreme weather can also pose a threat to your furry pet’s wellbeing, as can treacherous terrain.

These are some reasons why you must be prepared with a medical financial backup before venturing out with your furry precious. Pet insurance for dogs helps support your pupper with superior medical care during accidents, allergies, injuries, health emergencies and many more situations.

If you haven’t bought pet insurance already, then you can start by exploring cheap dog insurance plans at least. Your furry family member needs this basic health cover to stay protected on all sides in case of dire health scenarios. With pet insurance in hand, you don’t need to take on the entire financial stress yourself.

Contemplate purchasing puppy insurance; in the meantime, read this article that focuses on a few essential precautions to take when camping with your furry canine pet.

1.Don’t let your puppy stray

Ensure the puppy remains on your radar while traveling, camping, outdoor sporting, and packing. You can take the help of a long leash to accomplish this. As a puppy parent, you must remember that your puppy could be a party starter at home, but in a strange place like a camping zone, it can quickly turn skittish, withdraw, or get aggressive. In short, you can never guess your four paws’ next move amidst new faces and animals. So, keep your furry pet closer, we say.

2.Take extra towels and blankets

If your puppy is an avid swimmer, has a taste for water sports, or gets wet during a heavy downpour, you will require some extra towels and blankets to dry them off later. Plus, keep in mind temperature drops can significantly impact your pet pooch’s body temperature.

You should also invest in a dog life jacket, neck float, etc. if your pupper plans to join you during a canoeing/kayaking activity. It is only wise to have some floatation devices ready to wear to ensure pet safety during such adventurous activities.

3.Tackling the bugs

Take your puppy to the vet for the administration of preventive medications against tick and flea attacks. Now, you don’t want to deal with unwanted bug visitors boarding on your pet’s fur, do you? Check if the following items are in your puppy’s first aid kit – tweezers, tick removal tools and antiseptic. And don’t forget to educate yourself regarding inspecting a pup for ticks and tick-borne illness symptoms.

4.Learn to remain calm

Enroll in a wilderness first aid class if possible because even when you have the needed tools, if you are not sure how to use them during pet emergencies like pet poisoning, animal bites, heatstroke, etc., there is very little use of even having them. Also, you must stay calm in front of an injured pet, so they don’t pick up your stress and act out. If you suspect something is wrong with your pet, don’t delay that call to the vet. Get help as soon as possible, as significant delays aggravate a furry pupper’s medical condition. Pet insurance for dogs helps with quality and timely medical care during such cases and many more. So, you must consider purchasing the best or a cheap dog insurance policy depending on your puppy’s health needs and budget.

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