4 Little Habits That Can Completely Change Your Life in Just 1 Year

Pleasure or misery depends on how far you dare to push yourself.

“There are small changes that may not seem important at first but will produce great results later, as long as you are willing to keep it going for many years” – Jame Clear – author of the book Atomic Habits – said.

One of the most famous books of 2019 is Atomic Habits (Tiny Change, Surprising Effect) by James Clear. This work is a guide for you to get rid of bad habits and build good ones. In it, the author explains clearly why small changes every day can bring great success.

If you haven’t read this book, make sure you do it in the future. But reading is not enough, you must know how to apply them in life. Until then, here are 4 small changes that can improve your life.

1. Delayed response

The world is constantly in motion, but this doesn’t mean we have to react quickly to everything. At this time, you need to get used to learning to say, “I’ll let you know later” or “I’ll get back to you”.

Instead of agreeing to an invitation and then realizing it doesn’t fit your schedule, take a few minutes to think carefully. This will save you both time and frustration in the long run.

2. Convince yourself to complete a task even if you don’t like it

Every day, choose a task you don’t want to do and try completing it. It can be anything from washing dishes to making beds, from jogging to going to the market to cook dinner instead of ordering food.

After a few days, you will realize that the difficulty is not with work, but in your habit of procrastinating. The feeling of being chosen makes people lazy. However, once you start working, you will gradually get used to and complete the work from small to large.

3. Do not use social networks for 1 day

For a long time, the telephone has become an indispensable object of every person. We sometimes hold it for no reason, sitting on social media for 30 minutes unconsciously. Nor can we abandon it completely and do not want to do so. Facebook is a great tool for discovering events, Instagram is an inspiration for creativity.

However, it will only come in handy when used in moderation. If you are having trouble “wiping” your phone, start not using your phone for a day or stop connecting to the wifi. Gradually, you will find yourself spending less time online each day

4. Prepare for the new day from the night before

Right from the night before, you should choose your outfit for the next day and pack your belongings in your bag. (Men may not understand this, but women have a lot to carry in their pockets every day.)

It’s a good idea to have a checklist of things to do and check your schedule to see if you have a meeting or call to go through. What can be done from the night before should be done early. 

Living a planned way will make the new day easier for you.

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