3 Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Whether your family is enjoying a hearty meal, ordering takeout, or hosting a gettogether, the kitchen is where most of your loved ones are likely to gather at any given time. Family members tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen talking to each other while grabbing a quick bite to eat, huddling around the snack drawers past midnight, or simply conversing at mealtimes. Hence, your kitchen needs to be much more than a functional space that allows you to cook food and stock groceries – rather, your kitchen needs to be designed in a welcoming aesthetic that allows you to host your loved ones and make them feel welcomed at all times.

If you ever find yourself envious of model kitchens on Instagram that seem open and inviting and try to manifest your kitchen being the same way, it may be time to remodel your kitchen. You can find kitchen design ideas by Kaboodle New Zealand very handy for this matter, and given below are three things to consider when remodeling your kitchen:

1.    Consider the flow of your kitchen

While remodeling your kitchen, you must pay attention to the intended flow of your kitchen. If your kitchen sits on an open floor plan, you should consider whether you want a dedicated eating space inside your kitchen where your family gets together during mealtimes, or you want to have a functional dining space that you wish to use regularly.

Doing both regularly wouldn’t be feasible, and may also contribute to hampering family time. If you have a dining area, you can simply accessorize your kitchen island with high stool tables that can be used during snack time and meal prep, while meals are eaten at the dining table. However, be sure that the transition between these two spaces should seem natural rather than distinct and forced.

2.    Consider creating storage spaces

Placing several appliances on the countertop and featuring jars on jars of pantry items in your kitchen adds to clutter and is pretty outdated. Modern kitchens feature only heavy-use appliances on countertops with the rest being tucked away in dedicated spaces, and all pantry items enjoying their placement on dedicated shelves and racks. While remodeling your kitchen, be sure to think of storage spaces as modern and aesthetically pleasing kitchens are all about how they are organized and prepped in a certain way.

Whether it is your plates, glasses, cutlery, table napkins, or coffee mugs – every time in the kitchen should have dedicated space to increase the efficiency of storage solutions, and make your kitchen pleasant to look at.

3.    Consider textures and lighting

While remodeling your kitchen, pay close attention to the textures and lighting fixtures that are at play in your kitchen area. In terms of texture, your kitchen should be characterized by mixed metal finishes combined with either wood accents or marble surfaces. You can also combine adding a splash of color with renewed texture by adding a carpeted runner on the floor. In terms of lighting, your kitchen should strive to include as much natural light as possible, in addition to layering your space with pendants and modern chandeliers or lighting fixtures.

While studying texture and lighting, be sure to not overdo or try to overcompensate for anything else that your kitchen may be lacking at.


So there you have it! The above-mentioned three considerations while remodeling your kitchen are crucial if you wish to remodel your kitchen into a space that you cherish for many years to come, and if you are hoping to entertain your family and friends.

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