10 Best dog crates, you can choose for your dog

When you own a dog, you are very well aware that your furry friend needs his own space to feel comfortable around the house and stay secure. This space is not just for your dog’s sleeping spot but a proper place for him to take a stay with all his toys, snacks, and beddings. It is no secret that your friend needs a place to sleep comfortably, but he needs space more than just for that, just like humans. We all love our own spot where we can enjoy our own company and relax for some time. When you have a dog along with you, require a crate to which your dog is very familiar with and can stay into it very calmly while traveling. Also, a good transport company knows to keep your dog comfortable would satisfy everyone concerned, and do the best to add more comfort into the trip.

During transportation of pets, they face great difficulties in adjusting to the new environment and usually go through anxiety due to lack of comfort. With a comfortable crate, you can provide your pet with comfortable living even during travel. Therefore, it is extremely important that you get a perfect size and quality kernel for your dog. You must choose a crate which can stay with your friend for a long duration as his favorite place to stay.

When you step to the market, you may find yourself in the middle of a variety of crates with various shapes and sizes, and you may get very confused about choosing a perfect fit for your dog. Here is a brief guide on how a perfect crate can be of a great benefit for your dog:

It can serve as your dog’s favorite and calming spot-

This kernel will serve your dog a place where he can go to as a retreat and where he can be offered a comfortable sleep. This crate may work in training your dog in the site of having an appearance of a cage. Once your dog is familiar with the crate, it can become his happy place. This crate can be a place for him to go whenever he feels scared, tired, or stressed.

It helps in keeping your dog safe-

It is the natural tendency of a dog to chew the stuff; you can place the safe things which he can chew without harming himself or affecting his health inside his crate while being outside of the house. This would prevent him from taking anything poisonous, electrocution, etc., and get himself hurt. 


When you own a tiny puppy and step out, one small careless mistake may result in risking his life as it is very common that a small puppy gets stepped on while you are on the roads. To avoid all the risks of such kind, it is suggested that you must always carry your dog in a crate till the time you are confident with your pet handling experience and till your dog is mature enough to be trusted outside.

It is very useful while traveling-

Various traveling agencies allow the pet to accompany during a trip. They have certain rules and regulations that the owner must agree to like a pet is only allowed in a crate during travel due to safety purposes. If you already have a suitable crate for your dog, it may get beneficial for you and your pet as it is already familiar with space and will not feel uncomfortable while being on the trip.

Things to consider while choosing a perfect crate:

Type- There are various types of crates available in the market to choose from depending on the material and quality. You may choose one made out of plastic or prefer soft crate for your loving dog. You may also choose a wired crate to avoid suffocation and provide an open-air environment for your pet. There are various people who may also prefer a crate made of wood. Usually, a wooden crate gives a fancy lookout and suits the furniture design, giving a classy appearance when kept in the home premises.


Dog’s temperament- The crate designing mostly depends on how your dog usually behaves. If he is a cheerful kind and always likes to play and jump, then you may require a crate with high security as you do not want him to playfully hurt himself while in the kernel. If he usually stays calm, you may choose a kernel with enough space for him to stay relaxed, and you can put his toys into.

Size- The size of the crate depends on the size of your dog. You must always choose a crate of a size where your dog may easily stand and take a small stroll inside. It must have enough space to put some toys along with food and water bowls inside.

Here is a small list of some crates you may easily get your hands to:

  1. Midwest Dog Crate (36 Inches)
  2. Petmate Two-door top load dog kernel
  3. Carlson Dog crate
  4. Amazon Basic Single Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
  5. EliteField 3-Door folding dog crate
  6. Crown pet product- wooden dog crate
  7. Proselect Empire cages

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